Nippers & Rubbish Picking up tools


Nifty Nabber

Nifty Nabber is an innovative, multi-purpose tool. Our improved tool is excellent for picking up bottles and debris as well as cleaning urinals and retrieving items out-of-reach.

Nifty Nabber with Trigger Grip

The new Nifty Nabber® Trigger Grip is a medium-duty grabber featuring magnetic tips, 360° rotating head and smooth-action trigger grip.

People's Paper Picker Pin

People's Paper Picker Pin is ideal for picking up paper debris and cans. Made of lightweight steel. 100cm length. Replacement pin plugs are available

Nifty Nabber Bagger

Nifty Nabber Bagger is uniquely constructed collapsible waste receptacle is compact and portable. Internal steel spring frame adds support and rigidity.

Oates Nippers Rubbish Picker Tool

Nippers provides extra reach for disposal of littered items and safe collection of syringes or sharp objects or trash. Available in 100cm in length.


Oates Duraclean Pik Stik Pro

When picking up rubbish, extend your reach with ease. Ergonomic design makes pick up painless and easy. Rubber lined jaws provide extra grip.

Heavy Duty Pick Up Tool | Handy Gripper

Pistol grip operation for comfort. Soft cups for the right kind of rubbish. Great for beer cans and plastic cups after raving or proper rock and roll like a radiators/angels,midnight oil gig.

Handy Gripper 70cm

Squeegee grip operation for easy use. This item should be around the $25.00 mark, however cleaners supermarket has been forced to sell at this price.

Handy Gripper 100cm

Squeeze grip operation for easy use. Plastic tips are replaceable, however the nipper normally gets broken before these tips are due to be replaced.

SABCO Nipper Reacher Pick Up Tool- 100cm

Nipper Reacher - 100cm gives you extra reach for disposal of littered items and safe collection of syringes or sharp objects.

Plastic Nipper Caps and Grips (to suit SABC-W02100)

Replaceable Caps for Nipper Reacher helps you remove position and pick objects without requiring ladders. Suitable for Nipper Reacher (SABC-W02100).


Safety Gripper

Safety Gripper safely collects dangerous objects. Lightweight aluminium pole Rubber tips for extra grip.