Wooden and Bamboo Cutlery

Our wooden cutlery range is made from BIRCH wood and is FSC Accredited. Each carton of our bulk wooden cutlery is packed in bags of 100 for hygiene and ease of storage.

BetaEco Wooden Cutlery

Biodegrade and compostable wooden cutlery made from 100% sustainable materials. Environmental friendly. Thick and strong.

Wooden Stirrers

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Eco-Friendly Disposable Wooden Knives 165mm

These Wooden Knives 165mm provide convenience but in a stylish eco-friendly design that enhance the look of any table. Made of birch wood, thus it's strong enough for any occasions - holiday picnics, kid's parties, family get-togethers, receptions, company luncheons, etc..

Carton of 1000

Eco-friendly Disposable Wooden Spork 140mm

Wooden Disposable Spork, an eco-friendly alternative to plastic disposable cutlery. Made of solid birchwood and is disposable and biodegradable. They are FSC Accredited and have ISO9001 Quality Assurance and SGS Certification.
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