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Get more work done with our utility knives, blades, putty scrapers, safety box cutters, and staples that fits all your hand tool needs. Our wide selection of these pieces of equipment will guarantee a more convenient and easier way for you to take on construction, improvement, renovation, and maintenance projects around your workplace or residence. These tools are accessible and suitable not only for professionals but also for amateurs.

Carrying hand tools with you everywhere goes way beyond than just being ready for all circumstances all the time. It exceeds the need for just reconstruction or a quick fix. These tools can also be used in case of emergencies as well. When you're attacked or threatened, your knives and cutters can quickly become weapons to defend yourself with.

Whatever the need, you can use utility knives to cut through any materials efficiently without hurting yourself in the process. For heavy-duty cuts, you may find our blades sharp enough to make a clean cut through vinyl, carpet, linoleum, plastic, cardboard, and a lot more materials that you intend to sever. If you want to remove adhesives for quick repairs or creating displays, putty knives and scrapers will come in handy. They're great at fixing important pieces of materials that may run or fray over time. Our staples come in standard sizes and varies from electric staplers to stapler guns that you can use for office or construction needs.

We guarantee only the best performing hand tools that you can use; be it scrapers, cutters, staples, blades, and knives. You can use these types of equipment for heavy-duty work, small time projects, and quick fix tasks at home.

Tough Tusk Enclosed Blade Carton Cutter

Heavy duty metal body for tough tasks. It has twin blades for easy cutting. This is suitable for cutting seatbelts, film, shrink wrap, bubble wrap and plastic strapping. Rubbergrip handle is comfortable and prevents slipping.
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