Paper Towel

We supply paper towel to hundreds of happy customers across Australia!

You want your order of paper towel to be quick and easy. Sometimes you don't realise you need to order paper towel until you're fresh out. That's why we keep a factory full of paper products, ready to ship at a moments notice.

If you're in Sydney, you generally will receive your order next day. For all other cities, we usually get your order on the truck within 24 hours and to your door in no time!

Have a look at the images below as a quick reference to what sort of paper towel you need.

Which Paper Towel Do You Need?

These images will help you identify which type of paper towel you're looking for.

 Multifold Paper Hand Towel

This type of paper towel dispenses one leaflet at a time.


Paper Roll Towel

This type of paper towel rolls of the top of the roll. You generally tear it off your dispenser.


Kitchen Paper Roll

This is the perforated paper towel you purchase from the supermarket to wipe down your benches.


Centrefeed Paper Roll

This paper towel feeds from the centre of the roll.


Benchtop and Tabletop Hand Towel

This paper towel is for people who need hand towel but don't have a wall mounted dispenser