Kitchen Paper Rolls 12 Twin Packs

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Kitchen Paper Rolls 24 rolls in total, we at Cleaners Supermarket have tried many papers from manufacturers over our 11 years in business. This Kitchen paper roll is a personal favorite of our staff and works well with high absorption.

Very economically priced. A 2 ply 44GSM  quilted and point to point embossing patterned paper which have 65 sheets per roll so that's 12 twin packs x 65 sheets which works out to be 1560 sheets at this unbelievable price.
Reorder code: CSAC-KT65 (Kitchen towel)
Paper size:220 x 210mm
Package detail: 65sht/roll, 2roll/pack, 12pack/Ctn
Feature: ‘2 ply’ virgin pulp paper with 44gsm delivers better softness, stronger and super absorbency for ‘drying’.