Multifold Paper Hand Towel

Not sure which brand to buy?

If you're a little bit fancy (or just want visitors to your establishment to think you are!), and you're after the highest quality paper towel available, you should be looking at the Kimberly Clark range, which consists of Kleenex and Scott, or the SCA range, which is the Tork products.

If you're more price focused, and just want a good quality towel for the best possible price, you absolutely can't go past the Cleaners Supermarket brand paper. It is excellent value for money and perfect for high traffic areas with high usage.

If you're trying to reduce your environmental impact, we also have the Green Choice range that uses Bagasse fibre and Bamboo fibre to produce a quality paper whilst working towards creating a more sustainable future.

Not sure which size paper you need?

Don't stress! We know multifold paper can be confusing. Here is an easy to to work out which size paper you need for your dispenser.

1. Pull out 1 sheet from your dispenser
2. Refold it all the way back up.
3. Measure the depth (not the width) of the folded paper.
4. If it is approx 8cm deep then you need Slimline.
5. If it is approx 6cm deep then you need Ultraslim.
6. Any smaller you may require Compact. The Compact will also be shorter in the width.
7. Please have this depth measurement handy before you contact us for assistance.


Ultraslim Paper Towel 16 x 150 Sheets by Cleaners Supermarket®

2 ply Paper which comes in a Brown Box with Black Writing . Picture Dsiplated here is not accurate 

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TAD Slimline Paper Towel 20 x200 Sheets by Cleaners Supermarket®

TAD Slimline Paper Towel, embossed, white virgin pulp. 20 x 200 sheets. 1 ply. 39gsm. Sheet size 230 x 230 mm.  20 packs / carton


TAD Compact Paper Towel 20 x 120 Sheets by Cleaners Supermarket®

TAD Compact Paper Towel 20 x 120 sheets. 1 ply.  42gsm. Sheet size 200 x 250 mm. Embossed. White virgin pulp. 16 packs / carton. 96 cartons / pallet.


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