Multifold Paper Hand Towel Dispensers

We have an excellent range of hand towel dispensers and paper towel holders including the Kimberly Clark and Tork range. Get them here!

Multifold paper towel dispensers are the ideal choice for washrooms with limited space and low traffic. They are unobtrusive as they sit very close to the wall. Paper towel is dispensed one sheet at at time, which can also help eliminate wastage, as users are not pulling at a continuous roll.

When choosing a dispenser it is also important to think about the nature of the area it is being installed. If you're installing your dispenser in a private office or public facility like a doctors office, you're probably fine purchasing an product made with ABS plastic. If however, your dispenser will be in an environment like a nightclub, public toilet or school where it is likely to get vandalized, you may be better off purchasing something made with stainless steel or epoxy metal for extra strength and durability.

Finally, we offer a range of different brands and styles to suit your decor. The Kimberly Clark and Tork products are by far the most popular dispensers in Australia.