Grout Brush

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Grout Gator - Adjustable Grout and Tile Cleaning Brush is designed for a fast and easy way to get tiled surfaces clean . It can clean 2 to 8 times faster than traditional methods. It allows the user to simply unscrew each individual grout brush head and slide to match the width of your grout lines.

The durable and adjustable brush heads slide back and forth to fit over any tile size from 2” to 13”. Remove brush heads for large tile, add brush heads for small tile. Add the steel telescoping Extension Pole for easy reach cleaning on floors, walls, and ceilings. It works inside and outside for every type of grout lines. Engineered for home and industrial cleaning and used by industry professionals since 2012.

Say goodbye to the days of using your toothbrush to scrub grout lines. No more bending down on your hands and knees with your back aching in pain. Clean grout and keep your tiles looking as good as new with the Grout Gator Adjustable Grout and Tile Cleaning Brush Brush.
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How to clean grout? SYR Grout Brush features angled tough polypropylene bristles for cleaning grout between tiles and floor edges.

- tough, thin enough to get between most grout lines
- Fits SYR interchange handles
- Crimped heavy duty poly bristles
- colour coded to reduce the risk of cross-contamination, and for hygiene sensitive areas

Keep yourself from getting on your hands and knees scrubbing the grout with SYR Grout Brush!

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Tile and Grout cleaner with super strong bristles designed specifically to clean grout surfaces. Cleans around fixtures and fittings and hard to reach places.

Bristles contain silver ions which prevent the growth of bacteria. The Silver ions inside the bristles deactivate the bacteria microbes and diminish their population

Soft Grip Grout Brush

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Soft Grip Grout Brush. Over moulded ergonomic grip.  Two narrow rows of bristles for cleaning grout. Scraper for trouble spots or remove tough grime.

Ideal for cleaning tiles.

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Oates Hygiene Grade 225mm Grout Brush. Features a chiselled trim. It is ideal for cleaning grout between tiles. Stiff PET bristles. Stainless steel staples.

US thread fits OAB-BH0101. Autoclavable. Available colors are blue, green, red, white, and yellow.

Grout Brush U.S.A Made

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Medium Grade bristle for use on grout with confidence no grout will be damaged.

Pole seperate. fits a regular 25mm wodden of aluminium pole.

Grout Brush

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Features contemporary styling and unique comfort handle. Thin brush head to scrub small spaces.

Sabco Tile & Grout Brush

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It has a unique rubberized handle for ergonomic convenient use. Its head that is curve enables easy cleaning grout that is hard to reach.

Long Handled Grout Brush

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Lightweight aluminium handle with stiff durable bristles. It handle can extend from 65cm to 1.1m.

Grouting Brush

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It has soft grip handle. It suits small or large tiled areas. It has stiff durable bristles.

Tile and Grout Brush

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Brush specially designed for cleaning grout lines both indoor and outdoor.
It has ergonomic soft grip handle fitted for extra comfort. It is suitable for cleaning window and door tracks. It has

White Magic Super Sturdy Grout Cleaning Brush 24cm

White Magic
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Super Sturdy Grout Cleaning Brush is the ultimate soap scum, mould and dirt remover like no other brush can and without the need for chemicals.

It has a smaller side of the brush which is for thin grout lines, while the larger side for is for the thicker grout lines. It is suited well for preparing grout lines before colouring.

White Magic Eco Basics Bathroom Brush

White Magic
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White Magic Eco Basics Bathroom Brush will make tile and grout cleaning in the bathroom easy.  The ergonomic design is made from bamboo, recycled plastic, stiff recycled nylon bristles and a hemp loop.

- The triangular head makes cleaning flat, curved or corner areas in the bathroom easy.
- will not scratch the surface 
- perfect for cleaning tile and grout
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Britex Grout and Tile Brush Refill has a unique bristle and sponge system extracts grime from grout and revitalises floor tiles. Use with the Britex Grout & Tile Deep Cleaner and Britex Grout & Tile Deep Cleaning Wand for a powerful deep clean.

Specially designed to easily remove stains from your grout & tiles caused by:
- Heavy dirt build up
- Grease
- Soup Scum
- Mould

- Simple to attach and remove from the Britex Grout & Tile Wand.

Designed for cleaning large and open areas of tiled flooring, the Britex brush penetrates deep into your tiled flooring, removing those pesky stains and seemingly unremovable dirt and stains from grout. Leave your tiled floors with a clean and streak-free grout with a sparkling finish.