We're up to our eyeballs in brushes!

Scrubbing brushes, bottle brushes, toilet brushes, grout brushes, kitchen brushes, boot cleaners, brickies brushes - almost any kind of brush you can imagine, we sell!

Below you'll see just a small sample of our brush range. If you can't find what you're looking for, browse through the categories above. You might find something you didn't even realise you needed!

Sabco Soap Dispensing Palm Dish Brush

Sabco Soap Dispensing Palm Dish Brush has a soft touch ergonomic grip and strong bristles for effortless cleaning of food and grease on your dishes.Just push down button to release just the right amount of detergent on area to be cleaned.

MR CLEAN Brick & Concrete Scrub

Mr Clean Brick and Concrete Scrub. It has a sturdy handle that makes it easy to grip while scrubbing. It cleans the difficult surfaces.

Sabco Car & Caravan Wash Brush

This car and caravan wash brush provides a unique telescopic water flow handle that extends to 1.5m in length. Its head size length 25cm x width 9cm.

Oates Beauty Bannister Brush

Beauty Bannister Brush from Oates has thick bristles which is best to trap dirt. Plastic stock.Synthetic fill

Oates Industrial Bannister Brush

Industrial Bannister Brush from Oates has wooden handle with Coco fibre bristles. Its natural stiff coco bristles allows to safely and effectively collect tiny particles.

Soft Grip Bottle and Vase Brush

Features a soft touch ergonomic handle and strong bristles for easy cleaning of glasses and vases.

Oates DuraClean 3 Sided Boot Cleaner

Oates DuraClean Boot Cleaner, 3 sided brush for optimum cleaning. Industrial strength steel. Heavy duty bristles effectively loosen and remove dirt and mud.

Oates Household Deck Scrub

Household Deck Scrub is synthetic fill. It is excellent for scrubbing hard, large floor surfaces that require the removal of ingrained dirt and grime.

Sabco Timber All Purpose Scrub

Sabco All Purpose Scrub with comfortable wooden hand grip, this all purpose scrub is ideal for corners and crevices.

Oates Marine Scrub - Synthetic fill

Synthetic fill. It is also available fitted with a plain timber handle. Ideal for all outdoor areas including decking. It fits 25mm handle.

Car Detailing Mag wheel Cleaning Brush

100mm Polystyrene Fibres.


Oates Handy Toilet Brush Set

Handy Toilet Set Polyester fill. Strong bristles for a thorough clean. Lightweight and very easy to use.

Oates Large Industrial Sanitary Brush - Synthetic

Oates Large Industrial Sanitary Brush - Synthetic has exceptional high quality bristles that help remove tough built up grime. Rounded head with all round bristling to get right into the bowl.

Sabco Professional Truck and Caravan Brush Wash

Professional Truck and Caravan Brush Wash features a unique telescopic water flow handle that extends to 2.3m in length. Super soft flagged bristles for scratch free cleaning.


OATES Homeline Paint Brush

100% pure bristles homeline paint brush with wooden handle is suitable for all paints. It is perfect for windows, chairs and touch up jobs.