Bottle & Tube

Tube Brush 16mm

16 mm
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16mm Diameter

300mm Long

Polypropylene Bristles

Tube Brush 19mm

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19 mm Diameter

300 mm Long

Polypropylene Bristle

Tube Brush 25mm

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25mm Diameter

300mm Long

Polypropylene Bristle

Baby Bottle Brush

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50mm Diameter

Polypropylene Bristle

2 Litre bottle Brush

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70mm Diameter

Polypropylene Bristle

Australia Bottle Brush Collection

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Price to be advised upon enquiry.

Please note that some products on this page are made to order, therefore some products would be 5-10 working days delivery. We can also make custom sizes with a mixture of whatever materials you would like. Contact us on 1300 659 518 to discuss delivery dates and/or custom requirements.


Pull Through Flue Brush

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150mm or 120mm Diameter

Polypropylene Bristle

Soft Grip Large Bottle Brush

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Soft Grip Large Bottle Brush.Over moulded ergonomic grip. Cylindrical shaped head cleans under the rim for use with bottles & glasses.

Dimensions: W45 x D45 x H350mm

Soft Grip Bottle and Vase Brush

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Features a soft touch ergonomic handle and strong bristles for easy cleaning of glasses and vases.

Large Bottle Brush

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Large quality bottle and vase cleaner. Full bristles offer a maximum clean.

Bottle & Vase Brush

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Strong bristles to clean baby bottles. Also includes removable teat cleaner which is conveniently stored in the handle.

Soft Grip Bottle and Glass Brush

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It has soft grip handle. It suits well in most bottles. Medium/stiff bristles.

White Magic Foam Tipped Baby Bottle Washing Brush

White Magic
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Every mom doesn't want their kids to be sick. Hence, it's very important that baby bottles get thoroughly cleaned. The White Magic Foam Tipped Baby Bottle Washing Brush is excellent for cleaning both glass and plastic baby bottles.

Its foam tip is perfect to getting into base corners of a baby bottle and for pressing into the teats. The long flexible handle gives you perfect control for rotating and bending the brush to clean the sides and base of the baby bottle.

Twisted Wire Tube and Bottle Brushes

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Assorted twisted wire tube and bottle brushes.

5135 - Twisted Wire Breaker Brush Hair Varnished Handle.

Twisted Wire Beer Bottle Brushes
5140 - Genuine Nylon ( 18" x 3.3/4" x 2.5/8")
5141 - Assorted Colours ( 18" x 4" x 3")

Twisted Wire Bottle Cleaning Brushes (Assorted Coloured Nylon)
5145 -  (15" x 3" x 2.1/4")
5146 - 10" x 2.1/4" x 1.3/4" (Baby's Bottle)

Twisted Wire Nozzle Tube Cleaning Brushes (Nylon Fill)
5150 L 450 x 100 x 12mm Dia
5151 L 450 x 100 x 15mm Dia
5152 L 450 x 100 x 20mm Dia
5153 L 450 x 100 x 30mm Dia

Twisted Wire Brush Bottle/Tube
5160 - Brass Wire (307 x 100 x 25)

Twisted Wire Nylon and Hair Bottle Brushes
5171 Fan Tip

White Magic Bottle Brush

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White Magic Bottle Brush is designed for narrow and neck bottles, jars, tumblers, carafes and other hard to clean bottles. The brush head is flexible so it's easy to reach all sides of the bottle with minimal effort.

Available in 5 different colours and sizes.