Dust Pan & Lobby Sets & Doggy Clean up Pans

Getting rid of the mess you made is simple when you have durable dust pans that you can depend on. Keeping your lobby sets ready to be deployed at a moment's notice of grime and filth is the secret to having a hygienic place.

We have the best cleaning tools for your messy needs. Our lobby dust pan features larger capacity to hold bigger wastes and better-refined edge to catch even the finest particles of dust and dirt. They are designed with an angle that doesn't allow leaks or spills to escape once they are swept in, reducing the effort of sweeping the same place a couple of times.

We have the best doggy clean-up pans for pet-owners as well. You can use our standard dustpan and brush to scoop your dog's poop, but it wouldn't be too sanitary if you were to use it on your floor again. You need to clean up that doggy poo with our very own dog poo scooper pans. Besides, dog waste is dirtier and a bit more revolting than your normal floor trashes and dust. Getting a cleanup pan for your dog would be a fantastic idea in maintaining cleanliness and orderliness in your home.

Whatever need you require pertaining to getting rid of waste, dog poop or dust particles, we've got the right cleaning tools for you. Just select among our wide collection of dustpans, lobby sets, and doggy clean-up pans and you're good to go. With our stylish and top quality products, keeping your home and office clean becomes more like fun and less like a chore.