Jumbo Rolls

Kimberly-Clark Professional offers a range of quality jumbo roll toilet tissue products under the KLEENEX® and SCOTT® brands which provide practical and cost effective solutions for high traffic washrooms.

The Tork Jumbo Roll T1 System offers value by the metre for property managers and contract cleaners. The high capacity dispensers reduce servicing time for maintenance staff and offer greater convenience for users without the risk of run-out. The T1 System range of toilet tissue is available in three grades.

Best seller is always going to be the cheapest for good quality toilet paper. Until the consumer puts the climate change and other factors such as deforestation in front of their purse strings, there will always be a demand. Here is the bottom line 1. Caprice is Australian, they make some products here but not all. 2. Gentitlity is imported paper with great respect 3. Tork have really put the environment and slave labour at the forefront of tissue production. There you have it, each brand has its qualities and we at Cleaners Supermarket are proud suppliers of these 4 brands.

Jumbo Toilet Paper 2 ply

This paper is used in high traffic areas to avoid embarrassing run outs. Grade 1 Virgin Pulp that is a heavy 15GSM Quality. 300 Metres on each roll which comes 8 to a carton. That’s a huge 2.4 Klm of paper per roll. Carton of 8 Rolls.
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carton 6 x 400m

Kimberley Clark® Maxi Jumbo 2 Ply Roll

KLEENEX® White, 2 ply, 400m rolls, 6 rolls per case. Premium quality, preferred for softness and absorbency. Suits dispenser KC4971.

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Tork Advanced Soft Toilet Paper Jumbo Roll T1 320 M x 6 rolls 1920 M

Tork Advanced Toilet Paper Jumbo, advanced quality toilet tissue. 2 ply thickness and softness. Certified guaranteeing environmentally responsible purchasing.

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Tork Universal Toilet Paper Jumbo Roll 650M x 6

Tork® Jumbo Toilet Rolls are the most economical refills in the range providing a good quality paper at an affordable price.
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Tork Soft Jumbo Toilet Paper Roll 2ply Advanced T1

Looking for soft toilet tissue paper with high brightness and for less maintenance? Tork Soft Jumbo Toilet Roll 2 Ply Advanced offering much more toilet paper than standard rolls. It balances cost and performance.
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Tork Recycled Jumbo Toilet Paper Roll 2Ply Advanced T1 360M x 6 Rolls 2160 M

Tork Recycled Toilet Paper Jumbo Roll T1 Advanced quality toilet tissue. Unique micro embossing with a laurel leaf print for improved softness and quality image. The only recycled toilet paper in the TORK range.

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Carton 6 rolls

Kleenex Compact Jumbo Roll Toilet Tissue 2 Ply

Kleenex Compact Jumbo Roll Toilet Tissue provides users with comfort and satisfaction with its superior softness. Plus this 2-ply premium toilet roll delivers high quality absorbency every time.
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SCOTT® Maxi Jumbo Roll Toilet Tissue

SCOTT* Maxi Jumbo Roll Toilet Tissue is the preferred alternative for quality and value. The high capacity system helps to reduce janitorial time and the lockable dispensers help to deter pilferage.

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Scott Compact Jumbo Roll 1 Ply

SCOTT* Compact Jumbo Roll Toilet Tissue is the preferred alternative for quality and value. Reducing the chance of run outs during peak times.

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Our high capacity lockable double roll dispenser reduces janitorial servicing time and the risk of embarrassing run-outs. A sliding panel prevents access to spare roll until the first roll is depleted, completely eliminating stub roll waste, reducing costs whilst maintaining a clean and hygienic washroom for your employees or tenants