Rubbermaid Hygen

Rubbermaid Hygen Disposable Microfibre Mop Pads 150 Pack

HYGEN™ Disposable Microfibre Mop Pads are effective in removing 99.99% of Human Coronavirus OC43* (not tested on Covid-19) on vinyl composition tile surfaces. Proven to remove 99.9% of tested virus & bacteria with water only**.


Rubbermaid Quick-Connect Frame for Fringes

HYGEN™ Quick-Connect Frames features a flat profile that slides easily under furniture and equipment. Trapezoidal shape improves cleaning in corners and other hard to reach areas.


Rubbermaid Quick-Connect Handle 132cm

Rubbermaid Quick-Connect Handle reduces the physical demands of cleaning.Lightweight aluminium construction for improved productivity.

Rubbermaid Quick-Connect Short Handle

Quick-Connect handles and poles make cleaning more efficient in every area of the facility. The unique connection mechanism allows for easy, time-saving tool exchange

Rubbermaid HYGEN™18" Microfiber High Absorbency Mop Blue

Premium split nylon/polyester blend microfibre provides optimal damp mopping performance. Addresses big spills… picks up over 24 oz of liquid.


Rubbermaid Hygen Damp Mopping Microfibre Fringe

HYGEN™ Microfibre Damp Mops are designed to create cleaner and safer environments and improve worker productivity. Innovative Microfibre technology is proven to remove 99.9% of tested viruses and bacteria*, combining superior Microfibre with built-in scrubber technology in the patented zig-zag design.

Rubbermaid HYGEN™ Microfiber Damp Mop Fringe with Scrubber

Designed for specialised floor cleaning and finish applications. Vertical polypropylene scrubber stripes remove stubborn spots and clean into tile grout lines.

Rubbermaid Hygen Disposable Microfiber Cloth Starter Kit

An advanced technology that provides optimum protection and prevents infection with excellent cleaning performance and much better productivity.


Rubbermaid Hygen Disposable Microfiber Charging Tub

Rubbermaid Hygen Disposable Microfiber Charging Tub has a convenient cloth charging tub system. This charging tub effectively moistens 160 Disposable Microfibre Cloths. Removes 99.9% of micro organisms.

Rubbermaid HYGEN™ 24" Microfibre Damp Mop with Scrubber Blue

Premium split nylon/polyester blend microfiber provides optimal damp mopping performance. Durable through 500 launderings, 200 with bleach.

Rubbermaid HYGEN™ Microfibre Mop

High-pile, 100% microfiber collects and holds dust and dirt mechanically and electrostatically for superior dusting results.

Rubbermaid HYGEN™ Microfibre Flexible Frame and Covers

Rubbermaid Commercial HYGEN™ Microfibre Flexi-Frame conforms to the shape of the surface being cleaned for better pickup of dirt and debris, allowing users to clean faster and more effectively.

Rubbermaid Executive Hygen Microfibre Flexible Flat Mop Hi-Performance Mop

Rubbermaid Hygen Microfibre Flexible Flat Mop Provides superior trapping of dust, dirt, and debris to improve wet or dry cleaning. Great for dust-collecting areas like crown moldings and crevices.

Rubbermaid Flow Nylon Flat Mop

A premium quality nylon flat mop for wse with Rubbermaid Flow. Nylon Flat Mop lays a smooth, even layer of floor finish. It fits Flow Flat Mop Finish Kit.