Angle Adapters and Pole Connectors

Connectors from your pole to your brush. From clip-in clip-out Wiel-Loc connections, to Euro threads, to ACME threads there’s a connection for every brush or tool.

From stems, to female Euro threads, to ACME threads there’s an adapter for every pole. Plastic and carbon fibre goosenecks/angle adapters to set your angle and increase your reach for those hard-to-get places.
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This non-rusting bronze wool pad is a great substitute for steel wool. Use hand-held or attach to your pad holder.

Bronze wool pad features:

Finest bronze wool fibres with soft synthetic fibres in a composite textile
Ideal for polishing fine wood finishes, cleaning glass and brightening dull metal surfaces
Re-usable and are designed to easily produce and maintain a professional looking finish
The combination of fine grade bronze wool with the soft synthetic fibres reduces the risk of cutting too deeply into a fine finish, while still achieving the gloss level desired with minimal effort.

Vikan Cone Tapered Euro Thread

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Vikan Cone Tapered Euro Thread to connect any handles, t/bars brushes and handles.