Brushes 8in to 12in

A water fed brush for every day work at any height and on any surface. Light and easy enough to manoeuvre when your pole is fully extended.
All brushes jetted with 2 jets for optimal water flow. Threaded and square sockets available for screwing in an angle adapter, or clipping in, clipping out.
Waterfed Brushes 8in to 12 in
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Alpha Shifter 308 is the BEST and easiest WFP scrubbing brush in the world. It covers 50% more than your standard 10" brush with 50% less pressure, designed for maximum filament contact with the glass. Best for: Commercial, Residential scrubbing, 1-8 levels

A brush that works like a scrubbing pad which is stable on glass with long goosenecks. It is designed with high quality polyester and nylon bristles (not cheaper polypropylene).

The ultimate water fed glass and solar cleaning brushes have arrived. Throw away all of your other brushes for glass and solar cleaning. The Alpha Shifter 308 and 427 brushes are all you need.

These are must have brushes for any serious window or solar panel cleaner!
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Osmo Radial Brush 10″, light, durable soft/medium bristled radial brush for facades, awnings, signs and windows. Work faster and quieter with a the larger surface area.

It has dual bristles – abrasive white designed for glass and soft blue bristles for frames and sills. High-quality polymer bristles with essential characteristics of suppleness and wear resistance. Shorter and thicker inner bristles for increased scrubbing power. It comes fully equipped with 2 x pencil jets, 8mm hose and push fit connector. Euro thread socket, compatible with the Wiel Loc Angle Adapter.

Notes: Great, durable facade and window cleaning brush for exterior cleaning at heights.
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Vikan Radial Brush Heavily flocked 10'' brush for walls, roofs, frames, awnings, signs.

Best for: Residential, Commercial, Window levels 1, 2 & 3
Notes: Big brush for walls, roofs, frames, awnings, sign

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Soft flocked bristles that splay easily and cover more glass. Brass recessed water jets which won't scratch.

Best for: Regular use, French windows, Tight spaces, Residential, Commercial, Levels 1–4
Notes: Great splay for covering more glass. Heavy duty at lower levels
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Vikan Radial Stiff Monofilament 2 Pencil Jets Rigid, heavy duty 10'' brush for use on hard surfaces and stubbon dirt. Use on concrete, tiles and hard surfaces.

Best for: Residential, Commercial, Levels 1–3
Notes: Best for concrete, tiles and hard surfaces
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Gardiner SuperLite Brush 10" lightweight double trim, mixed (medium outer, soft inner) monofilament bristles.

Best for: Residential and Commercial, Levels 1–6
Notes: Good scrubbing, good rinsing. One of the best all-rounders

10'' sill and frame brush. Lightweight, won't scratch. It can be used with hot water.

Notes: Tough sill and frame brush for aggressive scrubbing, for use with hot or cold water