Barrier Creams

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Liquid gloves Hand Shield by NatraPower is a non-greasy, hygienic, barrier cream with the strongest antibacterial hand sanitiser, and healing moisturiser combined and it is an all natural product.

NatraPower Liquid Gloves Hand Shield is specifically designed to protect hands exposed from harsh and more abrasive elements that are usually found in the work place. This barrier cream can last up to 4 hours plus without reapplying. It moisturises the skin with Aloe Vera while it protects. It helps allow the skin to breathe and heal naturally.

An advanced household barrier cream that easily protects against many everyday skin contaminants including inks, paints, resins, adhesives and dyes, oils and grease, odours and a wide range of harsh chemicals - including caustic cleaning products.

Available in 150ml and 500ml tubes. Dispenser and refills are available too.

Septone Protecta Care Pump Pack 500ml

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Protecta Care After Work Cream - skin repair cream. Protecta Care helps skin damaged by hard work to repair itself and maintain its protection from the environment.

Protecta Care is designed to replace the fatty acid mantle that work and washing remove. The regular use of Protecta Care will provide long-term protection against industrial dermatitis.

The pH of Protecta Care matches that of the skin and hence provides a high degree of skin compatibility.
Protecta Care contains Lanolin and Allantoin which actively participate in the skin's protective mechanism by promoting and accelerating the healthy natural processes of the skin.
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Protecta Guard is silicone-free, non-greasy, non-irritant barrier cream designed to protect the skin from dry powders and dusts, oils, greases and solvents. It provides natural moisturising and super-fatting to the skin and helps to soften rough, scaly and thickened skin.

Protecta Guard is insoluble in most petroleum-derived solvents and thus gives a high degree of protection against most products containing these solvents such as paints, bitumen, greases, adhesives, oils and petrol. The regular use of Protecta Guard will provide enhanced protection against industrial dermatitis. Protecta Guard is pH controlled to match that of the skin and hence provides a high degree of skin compatibility.
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Protecta Plus is a non-greasy, non-irritant barrier cream designed to protect the skin from water, moisture and from water-borne irritants. It provides natural moisturising and super-fatting to the skin. It helps prevent chafed, chapped, cracked and windburnt skin.

These irritants include acids, alkalis, electrolyte solutions and wet soils. Protecta Plus is highly water repellent, even after long periods of contact with water. This novel formulation is similar to those used for water-resistant sunscreens, but provides greatly enhanced water resistance.  It also provides temporary protection to minor cuts, scrapes and burns. The regular use of Protecta Plus will provide enhanced long term protection against industrial dermatitis.
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Deb Stoko Stokoderm Advanced, perfumed, silicone-free universal pre-work skin cream with natural film building agents to provide skin advanced protection from oil, grease, lubricants and detergents.

This all-in-one skin protection is a unique formulation forms a multi-functional protection film on the skin surface. It is effective against a wide range of substances, helping to stop stubborn types of dirt from clinging to the skin.

Available in 100ml tube and 1L cartridge.