Sink Detergents


Jasol Freshmint Concentrated Heavy Duty Liquid Sink Detergent

Jasol Freshmint Concentrated Heavy Duty Liquid Detergent is gentle on hands, lemon fragrance, phosphate free, excellent soil removal. KOSHER Approval. HALAL Approval. NZFSA Approved.
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Jasol Titan Dishwashing Liquid Lemon Fresh 1L

Titan Dishwashing Liquid is ready to use, perfect for everyday dishes and stainless steel cookware. It cuts through grease and stuck-on foods with ease. Great dishwashing soap in all food preparation areas and institutional kitchens.

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Jasol EC0 Manual Dishwashing Detergent

Jasol EC0 Manual Dishwashing Detergent cuts through the toughest of grease and food soils. Effective in soft and hard water.  Environmentally responsible - GECA Certified.

Agar Potwash Pot and Dishwashing Detergent

Agar Potwash Pot and Dishwashing Detergent  is a high performance detergent that provides excellent cleaning power whilst controlling staining. It leaves pots and pans sparkling clean. Safe on aluminium.


Agar Lift Manual Dishwashing Detergent

Agar Lift Manual Dishwashing Detergent is designed for dish, glasses, utensils, cutlery and pot washing in the sink, this is a very versatile neutral detergent. Lift is a concentrated emulsifier with good foam height.

Fairy Professional Dishwashing Liquid Lemon 5L

Fairy Professional Dishwashing Liquid is powerful and effectively lifts and cleans tough grease, from pots and pans, thus giving you time to focus on guests.  5L can clean up to 50,000 plates.

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Cleaners Supermarket® Green Apples Dishwash Detergent

Cleaners Supermarket® Green Apples IS Australia's first non-caustic oven cleaner which needs no heat and really works due to it's special cleaning foam.


Cleaners Supermarket® Lemon Fresh Dishwash Detergent

Hand dishwashing liquid perfumed with the popular Lemon Fresh fragrance. It gathers all the wanted features: softness on hands, pH neutrality, biodegradability, hardness on grease and is also phosphate free.


Citron All Natural Dishwashing and General Purpose Detergent

Citron Dishwashing and General Purpose Detergent is use for tough restaurant pot scrubbing or everyday domestic dish washing by hand.


Peerless Tops Hand Dishwashing Liquid

TOPS for manual dishwashing, highly concentrated biodegradable liquid cleaner is fast acting and penetrates quickly to clean greasy crockery.


Cleaners Supermarket® General Purpose Detergent

General Purpose Detergent .For all general cleaning jobs, Dishwashing ,Car washing etc

Actichem Klenzol Premium Sinkwash Detergent

Actichem's AP201 Klenzol is a premium quality hand dishwashing liquid specially formulated for the effective cleaning of crockery, glassware and cutlery.