MINT X Rubbish Bags

Mint-X Rodent Repellent Trash bags - the proven effective solution in managing waste. These garbage bags are the world's only EPA approved and patented trash bags that will repel raccoons, rats and other rodents from gnawing on bagged trash but still 100% safe for human handling.

Patented blend of natural oils approved for use by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA). Mint-X has worked diligently with the APVMA to satisfy the Agency's stringent requirements for Pesticide Registration to ensure product safety and efficacy.

Mint-X Heavy Duty Repellent Trash Bags - Scented

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Mint-X Heavy Duty Repellent Trash Bags are made from 100% natural food grade oils. These rubbish bags are infused with a proprietary mint formula that is proven to deter rats and other rodents from attacking on bagged trash.

These can be easily dispensed, star sealed and heavy duty grade.

Available in different sizes:

54L-      850 x 640mm - Carton of 250  ( TALD54MX)
73L -     920 x 760mm - Carton of 250  (TALD73MX)
82L -   1000 x 810mm - Carton of 250  (TALD82MX)
82L -   1000 x 810mm - Carton of 200 (extra heavy duty) (TALD82EMX)
120L - 1200 x 950mm - Carton of 200   (TALD120MX)