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SekureDose Simple and Safe Chemical Dosing is simply the safest and most convenient all-in-one solution for filling spray bottles or buckets to wash floors, counter tops or other hard washable surfaces and for sink filling for pot and pan washing. It is quick to install and comes with an easy to maintain manual pump mechanism built into a robust, easy to clean chemical cabinet.
It offers practically tool free installation, quick and simple using the SEKO wall bracket system. SekureDose offers outstanding space for personalized branding or customisations communication without costly printing minimums and set up charges.

Venturi Kit 3/4" BSP Accessories

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Venturi Kit is the fastest, easiest, most convenient solution for controlling and metering of chemical into water line.

Venturi Kit Features:
- BSP threads on both the inlet and outlet fittings
- Hose Tail Barbs included for easy connection to hoses
- Robust and simple handle activator,to turn the unit On or Off
- Built in and easily replaceable one-way valve
- 15 Ratios to choose from
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J-Fill wall mounted dispenser for bottle or bucket filling of J- Filling products range. Holds 4 products.

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Clax REVOFLOW is a compact, off the floor, low maintenance laundry dispenser, that can be configured for up to 3 machines with a combined capacity up to 68kg.

COMPLETE - Clax Revoflow unit complete. Set up with 2 powder modules and 2 liquid modules

REVOFLOW V3 2P + 1L(LF) UNIT COMPLETE -  Clax Revoflow unit complete. Set up with 2 powder modules
and 1 liquid module

COMPLETE - Clax Revoflow unit complete. Set up with 3 powder modules and 2 liquid modules
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L5000 can be configured for two to six laundry dosing system for washers up to 100kg. It has 16 formulas, datalogging and powerful alarm functions.
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Divermite offers maximum economy by combining a range of high-performance, highly concentrated kitchen cleaning products with an accurate dosing system.

Compact range. Frequently used products for use in spray bottles, buckets or sinks.

Predictable, low cost in use. Concentrated, effective formulations combined with accurate dosing improve cost-efficiency.

Concentrated. One pouch = 300 triggers or 150 buckets.

Easy to use. Colour-coded pouches and spray bottles for easy recognition.

Easy to install. No plumbing or electrical connections required.
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Divermite Plus for dispensing D1 Plus directly into the sink via a directable spout.
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Unison G is a dishwashing system featuring off-the-floor product and dispenser combination.
It is specially designed to accept Unison product containers. Complete detergent and rinse aid dispenser.

(Pic is not the actual image).
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Compact, wall-mounted single station dispensing unit. It can be joined together to create a multi-unit dispensing system.
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Portable hand-held dispenser that dispenses a wide variety of cleaners and disinfectants for any job.
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DN5 Drain Dosing Dipsenser is specifically designed for dispensing products into Grease Traps, our DN5 sets a new standard in simplicity and convenience.

The DN5 can be programmed to dose up to nine times per day at an hour of your choice to suit any application. Once the pin code is entered, you can select the hour you require the unit to dose and the volume of chemical, the DN5 then does the rest. Our new DN5 dispenser provides an easy and affordable solution to the automatic dispensing of your Enzyme or Bacteria.


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Twindose 25 is the most compact, easy to install, dual chemical dispenser available on the market today. A great option for under counter and hood type machines in all sizes where a probe is not needed.

The 3 external buttons provide a simple option to increase or decrease the detergent and rinse aid levels at a touch of a button. The changes can be viewed with the LED indicators.

With the correct wiring and programming, you can easily control the Initial Charge of Detergent, re-charge of your Detergent during each cycle as well as your Rinse Aid injection.