Graffiti or Gum Removal


Graffiti Stripper - Graffiti Remover for Interior and Exterior Surfaces

Graffiti Stripper is an effective, quick, strong, biodegradable liquid graffiti remover for use on exterior and interior surfaces. Great to use in the removal of spray paint, markers, inks, crayon and more from bricks, concrete, bins, street signs, painted masonry, post boxes, slate, marble, granite, stucco, terracotta, timber, fences, glass and many other surfaces.


So Safe Graffiti Remover Blue Label

So Safe Graffiti Remover Blue Label is environmentally safe, No mixing and no offensive odour. Blue label heavy duty easily removes graffiti on concrete, brick, tile, marble and all other porous surfaces.  


So Safe Graffiti Remover Yellow Label

Environmentally Safe. No mixing and no offensive odour. Yellow label light duty easily removes graffiti on signs, plastics, bus interiors, vehicle exteriors, mail boxes and other non porous surfaces.New pleasant citrus scent.


So Safe Safety Shield Water Based Anti Graffiti Coating

So Safe Safety Shield is a water based anti graffiti coating. Easily applied. No mixing. Does not leave a glossy finish.


Peerless GOS 92 Graffiti Remover

Peerless GOS 92 Graffiti Remover is a concentrated blend of low hazard solvent emulsifiers and penetrating agents designed to remove graffiti from most surfaces such as from brickwork, concrete, painted or metallic surfaces.

Chewing Gum Remover 300G

Chewing Gum Remover is to aid in removing chewing gum from fabrics and surfaces. Dispenses as an aerosol spray into an odourless gas.


Graffiti Guard 5L

Graffiti Guard can be put on wall after cleaning to stop re-occurance of difficult penetration to substrates.

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Orange Solv Degreaser & Spotter

Orange Solv Degreaser & Spotter, a water soluble cleaning solvent and spotter with the power of D-Limonene. Orange Solv is the Biodegradable, Safer Alternative. Dissolves chewing gum stuck in carpet, rather than freezing treatment. Available in general purpose solvent cleaner, and heavy duty solvent cleaner.


Cleaners Supermarket Chewing Gum Remover

Chewing Gum Remover is a unique product formulated for the removal of chewing gum off carpets and upholstery. It can also remove tar from duco and cars.

So Safe Professionals Graffiti Remover - Red Label

SoSafe Professional Graffiti Remover (Red Label) has been specifically formulated for use by professionals and contractors with pressure cleaning equipment. It is ideal for use on concrete, blocks, stucco, stone and other porous surfaces.