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This 10 Litre built-in bin is made of sturdy, 100% corrosion resistant materials. It is excellent for use in 'wet' rooms like the bathroom and kitchen.

The bucket is easy to install in/take out of the bracket - easy handling. This match with bin liners available with tie-tape (size C) - perfect fit and no ugly over wrap. Perfect price/performance ratio.
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Are you trying to hide your waste bin in a cupboard? Our handy 15 litre built-in waste bin stays concealed inside your cupboard, until you open the door.

It's lid opens automatically by itself and the extra large opening gives you more enough space to empty a dustpan without spilling. It is designed with ease of use. It is easy to fit in virtually any kitchen cupboard. Easy operation and disposal - lid opens and closes automatically when opening/closing the cupboard door. Its waste bucket fully accessible - bin comes out of the cupboard when opening the cupboard door and has a large opening. It is very easy to empty and to clean - separate, removable plastic inner bucket with grips. Corrosion resistant - robust construction - high quality materials. It is ideal for doors opening to the left and right.
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Are you seeking for a very simple but classy waste paper bin? Our simple type, 15 litre paper bin will work best for any types of use: in your bedroom, your living room or your office.

It's small enough to fit into tight corners and easy to hide from your view. Body made of high-grade poly chrome or steel plate with Galfan coating. It is very easy to clean.


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Pedal bin, 30 litre (6.6 uk gal/8.0 usa gal) with plastic inner bucket. It has light pedal operation and lid closes silently. It has easy to clean removable plastic inner bucket.

It has special hinge design allowing lid stays open if desired. It has sturdy carrying handle for easy movement.  Matching bin liners available with tie-tape (size G) - perfect fit and no ugly over wrap. Its inner bucket has unique ventilation openings that prevents vacuum when removing the full bin liner - easy to change. Plastic protective rim helps prevent damage to the floor. It is made of hard-wearing corrosion-resistant materials. It is fitted with non-slip foot, hence, pedal bin does not slide around on wet or polished floors. This bin comes with a 10 year guarantee.