Napkins and Serviettes

Tork Premium Linstyle Dinner Napkin 1/8 Folded

Impress your guests with Tork Premium LinStyle® Dinner Napkins. It Looks and feels like real textile, each napkin is noticeably softer and bulkier than standard paper napkins, while being extra absorbent. Ideal for full-service restaurants.

Tork Universal Lowfold Dispenser Napkin N9

Napkins are made from 100% recycled and 20% post consumer fibres.Certified with eco-logo Environmental Choice North America.

Replaces 0114400 and 0114000

Tork Universal Napkins 1 Ply Luncheon White 250 x 8 Ctn 2000

Perfect for food service operations serving light meals. Environmental Choice New Zealand eco-logo accredited.

Tork Advanced Napkins 2 Ply 8 Fold Dinner 125 x 8 Ctn 1000

Environmental Choice New Zealand eco-logo. accredited .Single-use hygienic napkin.2-ply thickness provides for a high quality look and hand feel.

Tork Universal Xpressnap® Dispenser Napkin, Interfold

Napkins are 100% recycled.Certified with eco-logo Environmental Choice North America and Green Seal.SCA’s interfolded, lap-sized Xpressnap napkins are designed to work flawlessly with the Xpressnap innovative dispenser.

Tork Dispenser for Napkins Xpressnap Counter Clear / Black

The Tork Xpressnap Counter dispenser offers an attractive countertop dispensing solution that is convenient to use and refill.

Tork Dispenser for Napkins Xpressnap Café Clear / Black

Tork Xpressnap offers one-at-a-time napkin dispensing, reducing napkin consumption by 25%.Medium capacity and easy to load dispensers reduce labour and save time.Tork Xpressnap offers cost and waste savings, whilst being environmentally responsible

Tork Advanced Napkins for Dispenser Xpressnap White N4 500 x 12 Ctn 6000

Use Less - one at a time dispensing means customers only take the napkin they need, reducing usage by 25% guaranteed.

Tork Advanced Napkins for Xpressnap Dispenser N10

Napkins are 100% recycled.Eco-logo certified with Environmental Choice North America. Size (L xW) 216 x 216mm.

Tork Universal Napkins for Dispenser Xpressnap Café Natural N10 500 x 12 Ctn 6000

Napkins are 100% recycled.Certified with eco-logo Environmental Choice North America and Green Seal.


Tork Linstyle Dinner Napkin Quarterfold 50x12 - 600

Tork LinStyle napkins adds luxury and elegance on the table. These are perfect for restaurants that want to give the impression of quality but prefer single-use napkins.

Tork White Quilted Dinner Napkin 75 x 12Packs - 900 Sheets

Superior 2Ply napkins, stylish quilted emboss napkins to suit your image. It has deeper emboss pattern to freshen your table setting.

Tork White Cutlery Pocket Napkin Quilted 2Ply 80 /Pack x 12

Easy to load pocket napkins which help save staff time from wrapping napkins around cutlery. Pre-fill pocket napkins with cutlery to dramatically reduce table set-up time and focus more on the customer.

Tork Advanced Napkins 2 Ply Dinner Christmas

It’s a season of parties and celebrations and Tork ® will make sure your table looks the part with our colourful, co-ordinated tabletop range.