Floor Pads I Carpet Bonnets I Floor Sanding Screens

Tiger Stripe Carpet Bonnet 17"

Tiger Stripe Carpet Bonnet is used for carpet scrub and shampoo. Excellent for deep cleaning of carpet pile. Nylon Poly fibre. Stiff green stripe for added scrub action.


Edco Sand Screen 400mm

Edco Sand Screen is used to sand timber floor finishes between coats to get that smooth deep gloss finish your floor deserves.


Diamond Floor Pad

Diamond Floor Pad great for the maintenance and polishing of stone, marble and terrazzo flooring without the use of floor finishes and strippers.

Premium Floor Pad - High Speed

Edco high speed floor pads - burnishing and polishing pads.

Premium Floor Pads - Low Speed

Premium floor pads by Edco - stripping to polishing floor pads.

Floor Pad Stripping

The Diamondback is our most extreme abrasive pad. It works well in problem areas with its open weave construction that enables it to hold more load without clogging in heavy build up situations.

Premium Floor Pads Ruff 400mm

Aggressive but not abrasive floor pad. It is ideal for cleaning tennis courts. Made of porous materials which allow liquids to pass through to the surface for use with autoscrubbers.