Larger Brooms Indoor and Outdoor

Cleaners Supermarket stock and exciting range or quality indoor and outdoor brooms suited to your needs. Stop by and check these ranges out.


Oates 450mm Jumbo Indoor Broom with Handle

450 extra large indoor broom. Dense bristles for a thorough sweep. These jumbo indoor broom are colour coded to help avoid cross contamination between work areas.

SYR Angle Broom 330mm

SYR Angle Broom Head designed to sweep right into the corners and tight spaces.
- Broom head only
- Poly Bristles
- Polypropylene block
- Color coding to avoid cross-contamination

Professional All Purpose Bristle Broom

Suitable for smooth to rough areas, such as sweeping tiles, pavers, smooth concrete, bitumen, etc. Can be used in wet or dry conditions, and is great for sweeping up fine to medium material such as dust, sand or building materials.

Professional Extra Strong Bristles Broom

Suitable for sweeping all rough outdoor surfaces, and uneven areas. Can be used in wet or dry conditions, and is perfect for sweeping up heavy building rubbish, hard sand and dust, blue metal, gravel and grass.


Professional Bassine Bristle Mix Broom

Suitable for rough surfaces, such as for use in factories, work shops and rough concrete. Can be used in wet or dry conditions, and is also useful for oily and greasy areas, such as mechanic workshops where petroleum oils, solvents, etc are evident. 

Oates Timber Stock Deluxe Hair Blend

Oates Deluxe Hair Blend Broom is ideal for floors with high gloss finish. It sweeps the finest dust particles.

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Oates Sweep All Bassine Brooms

Oates Sweep natural fibre bassine broom is ideal for roadworks, driveways and hot surfaces. It has 25mm handle. It can fit threaded aluminium handle with correct adapter.


Oates Timber Backed Sweep Eze Platform Blend Broom

Java, Coco and Synthetic blend bristles collect fine particles and minimises airborne dust. Oates Timber Backed Sweep Eze Platform Blend Broom is ideal for use on indoor factory floors.


Oates Plastic Backed Platform Blend Broom

Oates Plastic Backed Platform Blend Broom is made of soft fill for smooth surfaces. It is very ideal for dusty areas. It is suitable for use in the food industry.

Java Fill Broom Head

Natural fibre – for Smooth to Rough surfaces. Can be used for spill control requirements where petroleum, oils or solvents or medium heat are evident.

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Oates Medium Stiff Tradesman Broom

Oates Medium Stiff Tradesman Broom has medium stiff polypropylene bristles that effectively collect small and medium sized particles.


Oates Extra Stiff Tradesman Broom

Oates Extra Stiff Tradesman Broom has extra stiff polypropylene bristles that effectively collect large and heavy debris. It is very suitable for use on very rough and uneven surfaces.


Platform Broom Head

Premium Nylon flagged fill for fine dust, medium particles or larger out door particles. Works with 25mm /dia handle made from timber or bamboo.

Oates Extra Stiff Poly Broom

Oates Extra Stiff Poly Broom, hard wearing, extra stiff bristles effectively collect large, heavy debris. Suitable for use on brick paving and bitumen.


Plastic Platform Broom Head

Dense mix of hard and soft polyprop bristles. Suits 25mm wooden handle. Available in 14", 18", and 24".

Galaxy Vinyl Indoor Broom With Handle

A premium quality indoor broom head with extra long and soft PVC fill. Great for all indoor surfaces.
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SOFT PET Trojan Broom Head

Soft, light gauge PVC fibre for sweeping fine dust and dirt particles.

Medium Fibre Plastic Trojan Broom Head

Long lasting medium stiff polypropylene fibre ideal for all general purpose cleaning applications, indoor or outdoor on semi-smooth to rough surfaces.

Industrial Mix Trojan Broom Head

Industrial mix broom is the best fill for sweeping concrete.

Hard Trojan Broom Head

Heavy gauge polypropylene bristles ideal for heavy duty cleaning applications on rough surfaces.

Rake Broom Indoor Broom 30cm with Telescopic Handle

Rake Broom Indoor Broom 30cm wide is effective in cleaning all surfaces . Ideal for tiles, timber floors, vinyl and carpets. Its uniquely curve shaped bristles will ensure that it does not need a lot of effort to clean, plus it can get into corners and edges.

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Rake Broom Germany's Favourite Outdoor Broom

Rake Broom Outdoor Brooom is effective in cleaning all outdoor surfaces  - gardens, patios, driveways, walkways and timber decking. It can even clean rock gardens, pebbled surfaces or cobblestones due to its deep, firm, special curve angled bristles.