Leather Master Spew Remover

Are you having problems on how to remove leather Spew?  Leather Master Spew Remover are designed to effectively remove fat spew from leather.

Nubuck Cleaner Water-based pH Neutral Stain Remover

Nubuck Cleaner is designed to gently remove stains and heavy soiling from nubuck and other sensitive leathers. Since Nubuck is a sensitive leather, you should only use liquid cleaner when needed.

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Leather Master Nubuck Cleaning Cloths - Dry Cleaning Cloths

Nubuck Cleaning Cloths are the easiest way in removing soiled spots from Nubuck Leather - does not require any liquid. These drying cloths remove surface soiling, and the fattening and matting commonly caused by body oils.

Leather Master Soft Remover Solvent-Based Remover Dry Cleaning Fluid

Leather Master Soft Remover is a solvent-based cleaner to remove surface grease and dirt particles in the surface finish before re-coloring with Leather Colour . This remover is used to prepare leather for repair. Can be used as a dry-cleaning fluid or remover.

Uniters Nubuck Leather Care Kit

The Uniters Nubuck Leather Care Kit has been formulated for delicate nubuck leathers. This all in one kit provides cleaning, protection and maintenance for your nubuck and suede leathers.
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Uniters Nubuck Leather Eco Care Kit

If you are looking for an all-in-one kit to clean, protect, and maintain your delicate nubuck and suede leathers, Uniters Nubuck Leather Eco Care Kit is the answer!

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