Due to broken supply chains we are creating this page specifically for PPE to give you an estimate on what we currently have.

We try to keep this up to date the best we can possible.

To Order You MUST Call 1800552255 as we will not know current levels at the time of your call.

Thank you so much for your continued business with us.
Cleaners Supermarket Team

Product CodeProduct TitleQuantity on handSale Price Inc Gst
BNR21125Polypropylene Bouffant Cap, 24", White - 1000 box2.00255.00
BNR21164Polypropylene Bouffant Cap, 21", Yellow - 1000 box1.00255.00
BNR21135Polypropylene Bouffant Cap, 24", Blue - 1000 box1.00255.00
BNR21254Polypropylene Crimped Beret 21" Green Carton 10002.00255.00
BNR21224Polypropylene Crimped Beret, 21", White - 1000 box2.00255.00
BNR21234Polypropylene Crimped Beret 21" Blue Carton 10008.00255.00
BNR21334PP Bouffant Cap, 21", Dispenser Box-Blue Box 1002.0025.00
BNR21431PP Hood, Blue - Box of 1004.0025.00
BNR22321Polyprop.Beard Cover Single Loop White 1000 box6.00175.00
BNR22431Polyprop.Beard Cover Double Loop Blue 1000 box2.00195.00
BNR24126Polypropylene Labcoat 1 Pocket White XL each100.006.00
BNR24127Polypropylene Labcoat 1 Pocket White XXL each110.005.00
BNR24235Polypropylene Labcoat No Pocket Blue L each200.005.00
BNR26128Polypropylene Coverall, White, XXX Large Each27.0015.00
BNR26127Polypropylene Coverall, White, XX Large Each20.0015.00
BNR53221Bastion PVC Aprons White box fo 1001.0025.00
BNR63221PE Apron Dispenser Box White, 1250mm Box100 1250mm1.0025.00
BNR67131Polyethylene Sleeve Cover Blue -Box of 20002.00155.00
BNR67121Polyethylene Sleeve Cover White -Box of 100011.00155.00
BNR67141Polyethylene Sleeve Cover Red -Box of 10002.00155.00
BNR69121Polyethylene Poncho with Hood White 100 box2.0015.00
BNR78131Chlorinated Polyethylene Shoe Cover Blue1000 box2.00295.00
RR50508X Large Surefoot PP Non-Skid Blue 1000 box4.00225.00
RR50506Cpe Heavy Duty Bootcovers 250 Per Carton4.00290.00
RR51308Hazguard Mp5 Coveralls Medium carton of 251.00360.00
RR51309Hazguard Mp5 Coveralls Large carton of 256.00360.00
RR51310Hazguard Mp5 Coveralls X-Large box of 251.00360.00
RR51311Hazguard Mp5 Coveralls XX-Larg carton  of 2512.00360.00
RR51414Hazguard Pp Coveralls Navy XX-Large Each30.0015.00
RR51429Hazguard Pp Coveralls Orange X-Large Each2.0015.00
RR51422Hazguard Pp Coveralls White XX-Large Each50.0015.00
RR51430Hazguard Pp Coveralls Orange XX-Large each50.0015.00
RR51521Hazguard Sms Coveralls Blue Medium Each50.0015.00
RR51529Hazguard Sms Coveralls White Medium Each49.0015.00
RR51531Hazguard Sms Coveralls White X-Large Each3.0015.00
RR51545Pro Val Hazguard Chem 3 Coverall Large Each12.0025.00
RR51631Hazguard Mp4 Coveralls Medium each25.0020.00
RR55003Lab Coat Pp White without Pockets each28.005.00
RR56001Bed Sheet Pp White 100 box1.0075.00
RR56005CPE Splash Gown L/blue 1000 box1.00195.00
RR57001PP Breathable Drum/crate Cover Small 100pcs/box3.0025.00
RR57002Waterproof Resistant Pallet Cover Blue 50 box1.0020.00
RRBCB601Beard Cover Single loop Blue 100  box2.0015.00
RRBCW601LBeard Cover Double Loop White 1000 box2.00175.00
RRDPESPArmgard Pe Sleeve Protectors White 1000 box4.00175.00
RRDPPBSPLightouch PP Sleeve Protectors Blue 100 box5.0015.00
RRDPPWSPLightouch PP Sleeve Protectors White 100pcs/box5.0015.00
RRLCPPWLab Coat Pp White 50 box5.0050.00
RRPPSHOEPp Shoecover Antislip Grip Blue Carton 5005.00255.00
SD200071Doctors Caps Elasticised Blue Carton 10005.0055.00
SD300000XLNavy Polypropylene Overalls each 2xl129.005.00
SD300100XLWhite Polypropylene Overalls each 2xl300.005.00
SD300708Shoe Covers HD Extra Large 42 x 15cm Carton 10001.00255.00
SD300709Bootcover with PVC Anti-Skid Dots Carton 20015.00155.00