Serengeti Collection Hotel Amenities

The Serengeti Collection by Cleanstar is a range of luxurious hotel guest amenities that capture the essence of Africa’s Serengeti, and will provide your guests with a unique experience.  Transport your guests to the exotic plains of the Serengeti with an invigorating mix of ocean, apple and woody musk, and with a formula that hydrates and cleans hair and skin.

The collection comes in either 20ml or 30ml bottles, and 15 gram or 20 gram soap bars.  Bottles of shampoo, conditioner, shampoo & conditioner, body lotion, and shower gel come in packs of 400 (20ml bottles) and 300 (30ml bottles); Soap is available in packs of 500 (both 15g and 20g).


Serengeti Collection Shower Gel

Provide your guest with Serengeti Collection Shower Gel to help them relax especially when they are in a warmer area, keep their skin hydrated.

Serengeti Collection Shampoo

Show to your guest that you cannot just provide them with quality service and accommodation, but you also have quality shampoo from Serengeti Collection.

Serengeti Collection Conditioner

You cannot go wrong in providing your guest with quality products while providing them with great service and accommodation. Add to your hotel amenities a hair Conditioner from Serengeti Collection.

Serengeti Collection Hair Shampoo and Conditioner

Go an extra mile, show your guests how much you care for them by providing them Serengeti Collection Hair Shampoo and Conditioner to complement to your quality service and accommodation.

Serengeti Collection Body Lotion

Show your guest how much you care for them, provide them with a body lotion from Serengeti Collection to keep their skin moisturised, smooth, and soft after a good shower.

Serengeti Collection Bar Soap

Provide your hotel guests with Serengeti Collection Bar Soap - a great addition to your quality service and accommodation.

Serengeti Collection Display Stand

Impress your guests with a nice display of your guest amenities and toiletries with our Serengeti Collection Display Stand. It can suit any bathroom and whatever toiletries you are providing.

Serengeti Collection Toothbrush 250 Pack

Be ready to offer your guests necessities they might forget when traveling with our Serengeti Collection Toothbrush.

Serengeti Collection Hotel Sanitary Disposal Bag 250 Pack

Being attentive in providing your guests with every need is essential. This high quality sanitary bag from Serengeti Collection allows your guests to discard certain personal hygiene items in a separate receptacle without worrying for the next person to use the washroom.

Serengeti Collection Shower Cap and Hair Tie

This Disposable Shower Cap and Hair Tie keeps hair from getting wet, complements the Seregenti Collection bathroom amenities. This shower cap can be used too to cover hair from moisture during your guest's shower.

Serengeti Collection Dishwashing Liquid 30ml 250Pk

Provide your guests with the cleaning supplies they need to make themselves feel at home. This dishwashing liquid soap from Serengeti Collection is ideal for cleaning coffee mugs,plates or any dishware during their stay.