Pressure Booster Pumps

These pumps are designed for use in low water pressure areas, or when using an RO System requiring extra pressure.

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Stainless steel 2300W 240V booster pump to run up to 7200L per hour, complete with RSD switch, adjustable boost and auto no water shut-off function. This professional series utilises a commercial 2,350W motor, a full stainless steel pump body, one inch inlet/outlet ports and complete peace of mind run-dry thermal protection.

This unit features an automatic no water shutdown function to prevent any damage that may occur from dry pumping.  With its class leading 80m head and constant 7,200L/Hr flow rate, you can reliably pump water on-demand.
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Boost your water pressure by 66psi with this tough 800W 240V booster pump complete with RCD switch. You can run this before or after your DI or RO system.  The pump is compatible with a tank and work as a well pump, also with a pressure regulator and work as a booster pump.  Portable stainless steel with safe, convenient and Waterproof on/off switch and easy carry handle for portability.

> RCD switch
> Brass hose connectors
> 900 Gallon Per Hour rating tackles any draining job at a short of time.
> Electric Centrifugal Clear Water Pump
> Adds  66 PSI water pressure.

If you don’t have access to power, combine with 2000W Generator.
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Super quiet,compact and light 800 watt generator with four stroke petrol motor. Run your RO pump for up to 6 hours without power! Great camping generator. It is ideal for running your RO system.

It is powered by an advanced OHC four-stroke engine that produces 100% pure-sine power capable of running sensitive electronic equipment.

Offers impressive features, such as Australian approved 240V outlet, automatic overload and low oil protection, as well as silent technology that produces just 58 decibels at 7 metres.  It’s built with a 53cc engine that boasts a powerful 2000W max power output, with auto voltage adjustor,and a 2.7L fuel tank that can provide up to 6 hours continuous operation. 

And for total user-friendliness, refer to the simple Quick Start Guide featured on the top of the unit.So whether you want a generator on hand for work, play or power outages, the Genforce is a workhorse you can rely on. Get the ultimate in pure-sine wave clean energy and put a real spark into the outdoors.