Waterfed Pole Window Cleaning Systems I Carbon Fibre Poles

Get rid of dirt and grime easily with our water fed pole cleaning system for your low-rise commercial and residential buildings. It has found its way to the top of becoming the standard method of cleaning hard-to-reach windows and stubborn dirt that has accumulated under top window seals over time. You no longer need to risk your life by climbing on portable ladders to clean the windows manually.
World's Best Water Fed Packages for Professionals

Unless you're Spiderman, which is very unlikely, it would be quite difficult to fully clean top floor windows with just a bucket of water and a sponge. Our water fed pole window cleaning equipment gives you the guarantee of not having to climb ladders or wipe windows with your bare hands ever again. The carbon fiber poles that come along with it make cleaning windows quick, efficient and economic.

We have the best water fed pole system with extensions that can reach 5-6 storeys and not just 3 or 2 low-rise buildings. If you're wondering how this system works, you should know the principle behind it. Basically, water is fed up to the connecting carbon fiber pole and is released between the brush bristles. The water flowing on the window's surface is then agitated in order to collect and drag the dirt off of its exterior. The glass can be rinsed either by adjusting the brush to a certain angle or by taking the brush away from the surface to allow the water flowing on the glass to rinse itself. That way, you can bid dust and dirt buildup goodbye.

These water fed window washing and cleaning pole equipment come in several pole lengths and various brush-bristle types. They are the perfect cleaning tools for your windows, building surfaces, truck trailers, cars, vinyl awnings, and more.
We too have a variety of selection of heads for different types of glass.