Chimney and Flue Brushes

Most probably the best selection of chimney and flue cleaning brush anywhere. These chimney and flue brushes are made in Australia with either Nylon, Nylon and Bassine mix, Steel or stainless steel.
Comes with brass fitting to enable durable plastic rods to be fitted at intervals so you can get high up into the flue or chimney.  You can also get them as a pull through brush with only a looped wire end so it can be pulled through tight twisting situations. Made to specifications as displayed. It can be customised to suit your particular needs. 

Nylon Chimney Brushes

These nylon chimney brushes are complete with ferrule. It comes 50mm to 45cm.

White PVC Conduit Rods

White PVC Conduit Rods Flexible with Brass Male Ferrule to screw onto Flue Brushes. Available in different sizes. 

Special Nylon Stock Nylon Fill Brush

Special Nylon Stock Nylon Fill Brush complete with brass ferrule. Available in different sizes from 12" (30cm) to 24" (60cm).

Nylon Pull Through Flue Brushes

Nylon Pull Through Flue Brushes from 50mm to 45cm. Ideal for regular maintenance cleaning of your chimney.

Steel Wire Chimney Brushes

Steel Wire Chimney brushes are most commonly used and generally do a great job. However, wire bristle brushes are not recommended for metal chimney flues.

Wire Pull Through Flue Brushes

Wire Pull Through Flue Brushes available from 75mm to 25cm designed to quickly and effectively clean your masonry chimney.

12Ft Extension Flue Brushes

12Ft Extension Flue Brushes 2 sections - wire handle with Nylon and bassine Mixture fill.

Chute Brush

Chute Brush with nylon bristle fill. Extra long brush body. Available from 35cm to 60cm.