Squeegee Rubbers

The most important part of any window cleaners toolbox is his squeegee rubbers!

You're squeegee rubbers are responsible for that streak free, crystal clear, professional finish. The better the condition of your rubbers, the better your windows are going to look.

It's important to regularly change your rubbers when they start to get dull, rounded or have little nicks in them. All these imperfection in your rubber cause your windows to streak, which can be incredibly frustrating. For this reason, you should always take care when storing your rubbers and squeegees. Never leave them pressed up against surfaces that aren't completely flat.

Glidex rubbers can only be used with Glidex products.
Wagtail rubbers can only be used with Wagtail products.

Unger, Ettore and Pulex rubber are all interchangeable.


Ettore Replacement Squeegee Rubbers

A new rubber should be used for every four hours that the squeegee is on the glass. These rubbers are available in an assortment of sizes ranging from 6" through to 36".


Glidex Replacement Squeegee Rubbers

Glidex rubber squeegee blades  available in 12 lengths from 150mm–910mm (6” –36”).

Sabco Window Washer Rubber Blades Long Life

This window washer rubber blades are well suited for use in hot water. It is ideal for considerably higher level of cleaning pressure.It is compatible for use with all squeegees.

Pulex Replacement Squeegee Soft Rubbers

Pulex Super Soft for better cleaning. Best performance in cold weather. It is easy to use when cleaning with minimal pressure. It is suitable for use with all squeegees.

Moerman Standard NXT-R® Rubber

Moerman Standard NXT-R Rubber is an all-season rubber that can fit into any standard channel. XT-R is the perfect rubber for the best squeegees.


Moerman Liquidator NXT-R Rubber

Moerman Liquidator NXT-R Rubber is the perfect rubber for the best squeegees. This all-season rubber from Moerman fits into the Liquidator channel.

Moerman Liquidator 2.0 Dura-flex Rubber

Moerman Liquidator with Dura-flex Rubber is precision cut at 45º angle to fit the Liquidator channel. The 45º cut allows for a cleaner finish with less water residue and less touching up afterwards.

Unger Power Series Window Cleaning Squeege Rubber Green

Green squeegee rubber with outstanding sliding ability providing streak-free results.


Unger Easy Glider Rubber

Unger Easy Glider Rubber is a replacement rubber for window squeegees is made with a new process. Our natural molded
rubber provides a sharp, long-lasting edge.


Unger Ergotec Easy Glide Soft Rubber

It handles large areas easily and quickly. Long Durability, provides thorough wiping due to sharp edges.

Wagtail Squeegee Rubber 3M Roll

Wagtail squeegee rubber is one of the best rubbers in the world. It is a very long lasting, medium density rubber. It can fit all Standard Profile Squeegees.

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Hydroflex Excel Rubber

Premium quality moulded rubber. Super sharp and long lasting. Non-marking white colour. Compatible with Ettore, Moerman, Pulex, Steccone, Unger, Wagtail channels


Eureka Two-Sided Rubber Replacement

Eureka 2-sided window cleaning squeegee rubber, natural molded, to help provide streak-free results throughout their life.

Eureka Quad Pro 4-Sided Replacement Rubbers

Quad Pro 4-Sided Replacement Rubbers , 4-sided precision soft rubbers. These rubbers last longer as it has the ability to use all four edges of the rubber, thus extending blade life.

Rubber by Professional squeegees

RUBBER MAKES THE DIFFERENCE I The rubber sheet in close contact with the glass is clearly one of the key parts for a good squeegee. 


Sorbo Rubber

Improve your window cleaning with this great Sorbo squeegee replacement rubber.  Available in different sizes.


Sorbo Cobra Channels and Rubber with Plastic End Plugs

Sorbo Cobra Channels feature 4 adjustments to get the perfect rubber flex and use after trimming. This is the most durable model.

Sorbo Soft Roll of Rubber 50 Ft

When it comes to rubber, consistency is next to resiliency. Sörbo's formula yields rubber with near ideal resiliency for better adaptability to window glass irregularities.

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