Carpet Cleaning Machines

Are you a carpet cleaner looking for the right advice? I'll let you in on a little secret! Cleaners Supermarket was born out of a family business in Camden called Fred Welsh Floor Coverings. We've been dealing with carpet for 40 years!

Flooring is our specialty!

The carpet cleaning industry is ever evolving, and we like to think we're evolving with it!

Each carpet cleaner has his own preferred method of cleaning. Some like carpet extraction, some like steam cleaning, some like carpet encapsulation. We've got all your bases covered with both machines and chemicals.

You can also view our range of carpet sweepers and carpet and upholstery care

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4 Inch Plastic Extraction Hand Upholstery Tool Comes with brass male connector. It is suitable for use with 38mm Hose Cuff (CUFF38) or 38mm GVAC Hose.

Kerrick Elite Silent Carpet Shampooer

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Self contained walk behind large area carpet with built in rotating brush and squeegee. Shampoos, brushes and dries 50cm path with 60db sound.
The squeegee is an optional accessory which can be applied to the carpet extractor Elite-Silent, allowing it to clean also hard floor. It is very easy to connect the squeegee to the machine, thanks to a special push-coupling. It is possible to tune by hand the angle of the squeegee with respect to the hard floor surface, without using any wrench. No tools required to fit squeegee. Quick change brush.
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Kerrick Grace Carpet Shampooer is a portable machine that easily separates into two components for transport, designed to clean large carpeted areas.

It is ideal for larger floor areas in offices ,hotels ,healthcare facilities and more. Grace is a professional unit. It is suitable for the rental market or use by cleaning companies for commercial jobs.
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Kerrick Sabrina Maxi Carpet Shampoo Extractor and Upholstery Cleaner is a compact mid-sized machine, designed to clean larger carpet and hard floor areas.  It is ideal for offices and homes. Sabrina is suitable for professional use such as rental or use by cleaning companies.

It is still capable of being moved from job to job. With the use of injection-extraction system this unit shampoos carpet and then extracts excess liquid in a single pass of an area. This system both cleans deeply and allows for quicker drying times.