Nilfisk ES4000 Ride On Carpet Extractor Scrubber

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Nilfisk ES4000 Ride On Carpet Extractor Scrubber is a TOTAL CARPET CARE - one machine does it all FASTER. It offers complete versatility, from everyday carpet maintenance to deep restorative extraction.  Dry Sweep, Interim, Pre-treat and Restorative Extraction with one machine.

Typical Applications:
- Airports and Transportation Terminals
- Hotels and Hospitality Centers
- Casinos, Theatres and Entertainment Facilities
- Convention Centers and Ballrooms
- Government and Military Buildings
- Building Service Contractors
- Healthcare Facilities
- Educational Facilities
Nilfisk ES4000 is a ride-on battery-powered automatic multi surface machine. It can be used for cleaning both carpets and hard floors. This is done by a change of configuration, which gives flexibility and lowers the total cost of very effective cleaning.

Performance and Features:
- Cleans a 28 inch wide path, maneuverable through standard 36, inch doorways
- Superior turning, visual and clearance ability. The ES4000 turns within a 63 inch (160 cm) radius
- Dry Sweep Mode with vacuum suction, dust misting and two-stage filtration. Dust misting captures dust and eliminates the need for dust bags. Dry Sweep up to 35,000 sq ft per hour.
- Interim Mode allows cleaned carpet to dry and ready for use in less than 30 minutes. Extract up to 14000 sq ft per hour - a 400% improvement over wal-behind extractors.
- Pre-treat Mode using any Green certified products from pre-spray to encapsulates. Pre-treat up to 21,000 sq ft per hour.
- Restorative Extraction Mode deep cleans carpet up to 7000 sq ft per hour.
- At just 65 dBA the ES4000 is no louder than a person speaking. This makes daytime cleaning possible without disturbing facility occupants.
- Onboard detergent metering eliminates the need for pre-mixing solution and reduces chemical costs and environmental impact
- Refillable cartridges are interchangeable with your choice of chemicals, including presprays, detergent and encapsulates.
- The ES4000 Total Carpet Care System has received CRI-SOA certification.

Solution System
Solution Capacity 28gal
Solution Pump 100 psi diaphragm demand
Flow Rates 0.1 gpm (dry sweep mode)
0.3 gpm (interim mode)
0.9 gpm (pre-treat mode)
0.8 gpm (restorative mode)
Recover Capacity 28 gal
Vacuum System
Vacuum Motor Dual 3 stage bypass
Airflow 90 cfm
Waterlift 67 in H2O
Vacuum Shoes Dual Pivoting laminar flow 40lb down pressure
Brush System
Cleaning Path 28 in Dual Counter Rotating Brushes
Brush Motors Dual 0.5 hp (373 W)
Brush Speed 900 RPM
Sound Level 65 dB A IEC 60704-1
Electrical System
Electrical System 24V 4 x 6 V Batteries
Drive Motor 1.05 hp (780W)
Machine Speed 3.91 mph (6.3 kph) transport
3.12 mph (4.8kph) dry sweep
275 ft/min (dry sweep mode)
130 ft/min (interim mode)
200 ft/min (pre-treat mode)
90ft/min (restorative mode)
Maximum Coverage Per Tank 21,778 sq ft (interim mode)
4,078 sq ft (restorative mode)
CRI Approval Yes
Machine Dimensions L 61 in x W27.5 in x H 51.7 in (61cm x 70cm x 131cm)
Machine Weight 587 lb (266kg) without batteries
1,447 lb (656 kg) with batteries and full tank
Turning Radius 62.5 in (1.59m)