Carpet Stains

Identifying what type of carpet stain you have is key to the successful removal of that stain. It can be hard to do, as some people over the course of time forget how stains originated!

There are different kinds of stain removers for different types of stains. General all purpose stain removers are the first line of defense - products like Unbelievable, Spot Shot, Mr Nomarks and our Foaming Carpet Cleaner. These products are not available in supermarkets, are professional grade, and much more effective than your domestic brands. That's why the carpet cleaning pro's use them!

However, if you come into our store and know exactly what has stained your carpet, we can guide you the the most appropriate product - One that is specifically designed to remove particular kinds of soilage.  


General Purpose

Unbelievable is a favorite in our shop. It is PH neutral, which means you can use it on all carpets. This is especially important if you have wool carpets, as acids or alkalines can damage your wool fibres.

If you prefer something you can spray on and vacuum off our Gala Foaming Carpet Cleaner is the product for you. Simply spray it on and vacuum it off!

Stain Specific 

If you've got tough stains like wine stains or cordial stains you'll need a two part Rescue Kit, which when mixed, creates an oxygenated action to remove the stain from your carpet.

If you've got a mechanic in the family, a motorbike enthusiast or anyone who walks grease in through the house, we have a product called Grease Release.

For blood or vomit, or any protein based stains we have an excellent stain remover called Sensation.

If you've spilled your morning coffee, you'll be needing Coffee Break.

For rust stains, you should trust Trusty.

If you have any other questions or problem areas, give us a call or come down and visit our shop in Camden! See our location here.

There are many more stain removers we can recommend, so if you have a real problem area you just can't seem to get clean, chances are we have the solution!

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Unbelievable Carpet spot and stain remover, quick action, non recurring, wide spectrum stain remover for greasy, tannin and protein stains. Spots and stains never come back.

New formula neutral pH spotter with Fluorocarbon soil repellent built in. Available in 750ml,  and 5L.

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Protein and blood stain spotter. Traffic lane cleaner for manmade fibres. Sensation from Research Products is a very fast acting alkaline side spotter for protein, food spills, blood, vomit and feces.

It can be added to prespray for power boost on old acrylic and as an under door and edge "black line remover".

Available in 5L and 15L.

Grease Release - Ink Paint Remover Research Products

Research Products
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Grease, ink and paint remover contains 94% aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbon.

Grease Release from Research products is a high performance multi-purpose free rinsing spotter for removing oily or tar like stains from carpet and clothing prior to extraction, rotary shampooing or laundering. Some inks, most paints, chewing gum and latex adhesive are softened by this allowing them to be scraped up. No carpet cleaner or commercial laundry can do without the time saving offered.

Available in 5L.

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Coffee, tannin and urine spotter, also works on red and pink colours. COFFEE BREAK is a low pH spotter.
It is used to neutralise alkaline spotters such as Sensation as well as assist in the removal of coffee, tannin, berry red wine and fruit juice stains. It is used in the urine stain removal process. However urine stains, if aged can permanently damage the carpet and defy removal.

Available in 500ml, 5L, and 200L.

Rescue Kit

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The Rescue Kit is guaranteed to remove (or greatly reduce) a large range of stains including coffee,tea and wine from carpet and upholstery, even the old ones that you thought were impossible to remove! This remarkable, simple to use two part product is activated by mixing equal parts of two formulas into the spray bottle provided.