Streaky Tiles

Having problems with streaky tiles? Don't worry, we can help!

The first thing we need to do to avoid streaky tiles is determine what type of tile you have. The two main types of tiles people have in their homes are porcelain and ceramic. Lets talk about porcelain first.

The best product for your porcelain tiles is Halo. It's actually designed as a glass and shiny surface cleaner, however, after trialling many products and evaluating customer feedback, it has emerged head and shoulders above the rest as the cleaner to achieve a streak free porcelain finish.

All you need to do is put a cup of Halo in a bucket of hot water. The hot water helps to activate the chemical and also assists in the quickening the drying time of your floor. A regular mop bucket is 16L, so if you have a smaller bucket you will only need half a cup of Halo.

We recommend using a flat microfibre mop or a traditional microfibre mop. A flat microfibre mop is excellent for small areas, however, if you have a large house, the traditional microfibre mop may be more suitable.

Most people are unaware the traditional microfibre mops even exist, as they are unavailable in supermarkets. They combine advanced microfibre technology with professional grade durability, meaning if you're buying one for home, you're getting a product that will outlast your cheap supermarket mops ten fold and provide you with a far superior clean.

Another advantage of Halo is that product is clear. The grout between your tiles is often very porous. The colour in other floor cleaners tends be absorbed and stain grout over a period of time, so with the clear colour of Halo, this problem is avoided.

For regular and ceramic tiles you should be using a PH neutral floor cleaner for regular cleaning. PH neutral cleaners are chemicals that are neither acidic or alkali - they have the same PH level as human skin. This is important for a number of reasons.

Firstly, PH neutral cleaners don't leave a build up of residue as acid and alkali cleaners do. Secondly, it's very safe to have around children. If you have kids crawling all over the floor or walking bare foot, they're not in contact with harmful chemicals. Thirdly, because it doesn't build up residue, it helps you get a streak free finish.

Our Cleaners Supermarket Neutraclean combines all these advantages with an added bonus of being loam foam. Foam is another annoyance that leads to streaky floors, and the simple elicitation of foam can save you many headaches in the future.


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