Bio Blitz Blocks Eco-Friendly Urinal Blocks with Deodoriser

The Bio Blitz Green Urinal Blocks are the best solution to eliminate odour in urinals. It is a water soluble urinal block with deodoriser and copper inhibitor, ideal for use in troughs and wall urinals.

Bio Natural Solutions Cream Cleaner

The Bio Natural Solutions Cream Cleaner is a heavy duty and powerful biological cream that allows you to cut through the thick grime found in washrooms, bathrooms and kitchens.


Eco-Friendly Bio-Bacterial Waterless Urinal Oil

The Bio-Bacterial Waterless Urinal Oil is a safe and effective way of stopping offensive odours entering the washroom from the urinals.


Wee Off Urine Stains and Odour Remover

The ready to use WeeOff™ Urine Stains and Odour Remover offers a safe, effective and environmentally friendly solution by removing the cause of the offensive stain or odours from any hard and soft surfaces.


Bio Blitz Biological Cleaner Concentrate Multi Purpose Washroom Cleaner

The Bio Blitz Biological Cleaner is a general purpose washroom cleaner that contains active ’good’ bacterial ingredients which help prevent uric salt, scale/sludge build up, pipe work odours and blockages.

Wee On Urinal Screen

Wee On Urinal Screen is an easy fit Environmentally Friendly Urinal screen. It is made with bacteria wich digests urine, uric salt, ammonia and organic matter.


Green Sleeve Urinal Sanitiser - Remove Urinal Smells

The Bio Blitz Green Sleeve deals with the common urinal problems by eliminating unpleasant smells, reducing blockages, improving hygiene, enhancing the appearance of the washroom and reduces both operating and maintenance costs.

Urinal Treatment Deep Cleaner and Deodoriser

Urinal Treatment (preventive care) contains selected bacteria that degrade urine and utilise ammonia. The process reduces odours and helps to prevent the build up of salts that form urinal stone.