Solvent Based Degresers

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Non-toxic, non-flammable degreaser. Specifically formulated for the removal of grease and oil from carparks, driveways and factory floors.
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De-Solv-it cleaner is a highly effective citrus based solvent that is your answer for many degreasing, dewaxing and adhesive removal tasks. 

De-Solv-it is not Class Flammable (WorkSafe criteria) which ensures it is much safer than traditional hydrocarbon solvents.

De-Solv-it cleaner has no overwhelming vapours and requires no expensive additional protective clothing besides gloves and safety glasses.

De-Solv-it cleaner can be used on many different surfaces metals, glass, tile/formica, wood surfaces, ceramics, many plastics, carpet, clothing/fabrics.   Do not use on silk, suede or leather.

See the Applications for De-Solv-it.

Septone High Five - Solvent Based 20L

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High Five is a 100% active quick break solvent based emulsifiable degreaser, based on a high flash point hydrocarbon solvent.
In mining operations, High Five effectively removes "black jack" from drag lines and shovels. It is also suitable for removing heavy deposits of grease, oil, dirt and grime from engines, tools, lathes, work benches, lube floors and walls, driveways, boat bilges, turbines and motor mowers. High Five is classified as a Class C combustible liquid in accordance with AS1940, and is therefore not classified as flammable or as dangerous goods. The quick break property of High Five ensures that the emulsified grease and oil readily separates in a grease trap, allowing the resultant water layer to be drained to the sewer as treated trade waste.
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Heavy Duty Degreaser is a 100% active quick break solvent based emulsifiable degreasing cleaning fluid.
It is suitable for removing heavy deposits of grease, oil, dirt and grime from vehicle engines, motorbikes, lawn mowers, turbines, tools, lathes, work benches, lube floors and walls, driveways and boat bilges.

Available in 1L, 4L and 20L.
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Diggers Degreasing Fluid is a powerful, water-soluble solvent blend specially designed to penetrate and dissolve built-up grime and grease. Easy to use – simply brush on and hose off.

It is ideal for degreasing concrete driveways, garage floors, motor cycle and car engines.

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Simple Green Mine Clean is a non-flammable, non-explosive and non-reactive heavy duty cleaner and degreaser specially formulated for the Mining Industry.  It is safe both for employees and equipment.

Available in 20L Pail , 208 L Drum, and 1040L Tote.


It is highly effective in heavy cleaning and degreasing applications and can be used on a wide variety of substrates and surfaces.

Remove grease, oil, dirt, soil, brake dust, road grime, and much more from just about any washable surface found on the mine site.

Use for maintenance and repair operations, on-road and off-road vehicle washdown, machinery, tools and equipment cleaning.

General applications include: workshops, stairways, walls and floors, shut down cleaning, windows, site offices and buildings and much more.

Safe to use on bare and painted metals, stainless steel, aluminium, chrome, copper, brass, seals, rubber, canvas, carpets, drains, gaskets, glass, acrylic, plastics, and stone (natural & synthetic).