Simple Green Mine Clean for Mining Industry

Simple Green
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Simple Green Mine Clean is a non-flammable, non-explosive and non-reactive heavy duty cleaner and degreaser specially formulated for the Mining Industry.  It is safe both for employees and equipment.

Simple Green Mine Clean combines two high-performance surfactants with a new generation grease lifter/cutter to quickly pull soil away from the surface and keep it away for clean rinsing. Mine Clean also has Quick Break ability so that petroleum oils and greases then break back out of solution to be removed by oil/water separators, enabling clean disposal.

Available in 20L Pail , 208 L Drum, and 1040L Tote.


It is highly effective in heavy cleaning and degreasing applications and can be used on a wide variety of substrates and surfaces.

Remove grease, oil, dirt, soil, brake dust, road grime, and much more from just about any washable surface found on the mine site.

Use for maintenance and repair operations, on-road and off-road vehicle washdown, machinery, tools and equipment cleaning.

General applications include: workshops, stairways, walls and floors, shut down cleaning, windows, site offices and buildings and much more.

Safe to use on bare and painted metals, stainless steel, aluminium, chrome, copper, brass, seals, rubber, canvas, carpets, drains, gaskets, glass, acrylic, plastics, and stone (natural & synthetic).

Where To Use
REMOVES: Petroleum Greases, Fats, Coolants, Transmission & Radiator Fluids, Greasy Soils, Oil, Dirt, Brake Dust, Road Grime, Road Stains, Graphite, Tar & Asphalt, Metal Working Fluids, Mud & Clay, Tree Sap, Bugs & Bird Droppings.

COMMON APPLICATIONS: Vehicle Washdown, Machinery & Tools, Plant & Equipment, Cleaning Pads, Draglines, Engines & Traction Motors, Railway Carriages, Holding Tanks, Crushers & Conveyors, Rubber Screens, Drilling Rigs,Janitorial Cleaning, Site Offices, Site Accomodation, Floors & Walls, Windows & Mirrors, Kitchen & Dining, Uniforms.