Diggers Degreaser Solvent Based

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Diggers Degreasing Fluid is a powerful, water-soluble solvent blend specially designed to penetrate and dissolve built-up grime and grease. Easy to use – simply brush on and hose off.

It is ideal for degreasing concrete driveways, garage floors, motor cycle and car engines.

Typical Uses:

  • Oil and grease remover.
  • Driveways and garage floors.
  • Motorcycle and car engines.


Grease and Oil Removal
1. Remove excess grease and oil.
2. Brush or spray on liberally and let soak for a few minutes. For stubborn patches or stains, brush vigorously.
3. Hose off with water.

NOTE: Always protect electrical components when cleaning. Do NOT use on bitumen.


Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and eye / face protection when using this product.

Click here for Diggers Degreasing Fluid MSDS.