1 - 1.5L Pump Up Sprayers

Alta 1500 Pressure Pump Sprayer 1.5L-2L

Looking for pressure pump sprayer for professional applications? Alta 1500 pressure sprayer with 1.5L-2L capacity is made with FPM (VITON®) seals, useful for spraying most of the existing liquids as long as they respect the plastic parts of the pumps.

Klager Alkaline Resistant Pressure Sprayer 1.2L

Alkaline Resistant Pressure Sprayer for use in fibreglass industry, graffiti removal, car painting agents and cleaning chemicals.

Foldable Battery-Operated Sprayer

Our foldable battery-operated sprayer is powered by 6V motor (4xAA Batteries are not included) and Gear Pump.

Chef Food and Kitchen Pressure Sprayer

Chef Food & Kitchen Pressure Sprayer is food-safe conforming with EC 1935/2004 regulation widely recognized throughout Europe. Certified for direct contact with foodstuffs.

Simple Green LV Foamer with Gauges

Simple Green LV Foamer is designed for cleaning small areas, around sensitive equipment or for close-range foaming. This foamer projects a low volume of rich, clinging foam which increases chemical contact time and effectiveness.

KLAGER 1L Superior Solvent Resistant Pressure Sprayer for Carby Cleaner

KLAGER Solvent Resistant 1.0L Sprayers are commonly used as a handy tool to apply most of HYDROCARBONE based solvents in garages and workshops but not yet 100% satisfaction on CARBY CLEANER. This Superior Garage/Workshop Sprayer is widely used in Auto Aftermarket Industry for several applications  in garages/workshops for cleaning & degreasing.

Mesto Pump Up sprayer CLEANER 1.5L With Viton Seals

Mesto CLEANER 1.5L Pump Up Sprayer with check valve protection. It has specially coated spring for best chemical resistance. Suitable for strong acid agents.


Solvent Resistant Sprayer - Klager Mini Pressure Sprayer

Klager Plastik Mini Solvent Resistant Sprayers are resistant to most types of petroleum based solvents, brake cleaners, diesel fuel, kerosene, turpentine, tyre shine & degreasers. These industry standard pump sprayers have a higher output than standard trigger sprayers.

Klager Mini Alkaline Resistant Pressure Sprayers

These mini pressure sprayers are resistant to most alkaline based solutions used in healthcare, industry, food processing and workshops such as acetone, chlorine 12.5%, bleach, brake fluid (glycol type), ethanol, glycol, butyl alcohol, caustic soda & methanol.


Klager Mini Acid Resistant Sprayers

These mini pressure sprayers are resistant to most diluted acid solutions. Equipped with Viton seals.  Diluted solutions such as as 10% hydrofluoric acid, 10% nitric acid, 10% citric acid, 10% propionic acid, 30% phosphoric acid, 30% sulfuric acid, 25% hydrochloric acid, 20% acetic acid.


Pressure Sprayer Bottle

Pressure Sprayer Bottle comes in either 1L or 2 L. It has adjustable nozzle. It has measurements moulded onto bottle.

Birchmeier Spray-Matic 1.25N Solvent Sprayer 1.25L

Birchmeier Spray-Matic 1.25N is a handheld compression solvent sprayer ideal for mineral oil based products. Adjustable and inclinable brass nozzle. Polyamide pump head. Safety valve. Fixable push-button.

Birchmeier Foam-matic 1.25E Alkaline Foamer 1.25L

Birchmeier Foam-matic 1.25E Alkaline Foamer is a handheld compression foamer for professional and mobile foaming. Produces a dry foam (long contact time). Safety valve and fixable push button.