Mechanical Protection Gloves

KLEENGUARD* G40 Mechanical Protection Gloves. Suitable for manufacturing, transport construction, and public sector service.

  • KLEENGUARD* G40 PURPLE NITRILE* Foam Coated Gloves
  • KLEENGUARD* G40 Polyurethane Coated Gloves
  • KLEENGUARD* G40 Latex Coated Gloves
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    Maxisafe Electrical Insulating Gloves help provide mechanical protection needed against cuts, abrasions and punctures. This electrical safety gloves is ideal for those employees who work in close proximity to live electrical current with live voltages up to 1KV or as additional protective measure for live working at voltages exceeding 1 KV.

    These insulating gloves are made from high quality natural latex which provides an elasticity and ergonomic shape to reduce hand fatigue. Each glove is individually numbered and electrically tested using computer controlled testing equipment and the test report is included with each pair.

    Maxisafe Electrical gloves are category RC gloves according to EN 60903:2003 + AC2:2005 standard.

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    KLEENGUARD* G40 PURPLE NITRILE* Foam Coated Gloves. Premium, general purpose hand protection providing the highest levels of abrasion resistance, outstanding dexterity and grip.


    • PURPLE NITRILE* Foam Coated Palm for excellent grip and palm protection against non-acidic liquids1
    • Seamless nylon knitted backing for breathability and comfort
    • Better durability with high abrasion resistance
    • Silicone free
    • Static dissipative
    • Hand specific gloves for better ergonomics
    • Available in five sizes with colour coded cuffs

    1 Not intended as primary protection against liquid chemicals.

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    KLEENGUARD* G40 Latex Coated Gloves.  Cost-effective general purpose hand protection with high grip and breathability.


    • Crinkled finished latex coated palm provides excellent grip
    • High tear resistance providing high durability
    • Cut resistance level 2 for better hand protection
    • Seamless knitted cotton construction offering high breathability for comfort in extended use
    • Hand specific gloves for better ergonomics
    • Available in five sizes with colour coded cuffs