Compact Hand Towels - For Smaller Office Washrooms

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Scott Compact Hand Towels 110 Sheets x 16 Packs

Kimberly Clark
Case of 16 Packs
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SCOTT® Compact Towels, white, 110 per pack, each towel 29.5cm × 19cm. Designed to sit neatly in every washroom and dispenses a fully opened towel, one sheet at a time to reduce overuse.

SCOTT® Compact Towel offers performance, hygiene, economy and image. These compact hand towels and their corresponding dispensers are ideal for tight spaces where traditional towel dispensers cannot fit.
- Each towel is made using the highly absorbent and quick drying Airflex® technology
- compact size perfect for limited space
- only touched by user, single sheet dispensing every time
- sheet dispenses fully open for effective drying and economy

Kleenex Compact Hand Towel 900 Sheets x 24 Packs

Kimberly Clark
Case of 24 Packs
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KLEENEX® Compact Towels, white, 90 per pack, each towel 29.5cm × 19cm. It delivers premium quality with superior softness, strength and absorbency. Great for small spaces without compromising on performance and quality.

The compact, easy-to-load dispensers are ideal for tight spaces and can be topped up for lower maintenance and reduced risk of run outs. - Single sheet dispensing helps reduce waste and overuse and only the towel used is touched for maximum hygiene.
- extra comfort, high absorbency and soft to the touch
- perfect where space is limited