Multifold - for High Traffic Washrooms

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SCOTT* Multifold Hand Towel is the preferred alternative for quality and value. Single sheet dispensing helps to control usage and hygiene. Good for high traffic areas great value towels for hygienic hand drying.

- economical effective quality solution for everyday hand drying
- easy to use with easy to clean, low maintenance, high capacity Aquarius Dispenser with self-presenting towels
- less refilling improves productivity and reduces cost

KLEENEX® Multifold Hand Towel 150 Seets

Kimberly Clark

New KLEENEX® Multifold Hand Towel is made from AIRFLEX* Technology and is now 9% thicker and more absorbent. This new product provides a choice of performance levels in the Multifold Hand Towel format.

Great for high quality healthcare hand drying. This premium paper towel is soft and strong; ideal to promote hand hygiene compliance and high image.

- trusted brand, premium quality provided
- soft and comfortable feel to guarantee an effective hand dry for staff and patients
- high image premium quality towel projecting an ambiance of comfort and care

Scott Interfold Hand Towels 250 Sheets x 16 Packs

Kimberly Clark

SCOTT® Interfold Towel is made using AIRFLEX* Technology. It is softer, stronger and more absorbent than conventional towels. The preferred alternative for quality and value. A good quality, cost effective solution for your everyday hand drying needs.