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Understanding how to maintain your leather and the right selection and application of leather care products are necessary in order for your leather to last and look better.

Cleaners Supermarket sells various leather care products from over 3 manufacturers to help you maintain your leather in the best possible shape it can be. We are about to outline the 3 different types of leather you need to know, so your leather is easily identified, thus making sure you use the correct product. ANILINE I PIGMENTED/PROTECTED I NUBUCK LEATHER.

Leather and Vinyl Cleaner LVC

California Custom
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"LVC" Leather and Vinyl Cleaner is what you've been looking for! It is a non-greasy conditioner designed for interior use but also works great for keeping leather or vinyl roofs or covers looking and feeling like new.

"LVC" is a mild cleaner but a Serious Conditioner that allows the leather to "breathe", and actually does help to protect leather and vinyl from the elements, keeping them SOFT and SUPPLE with NO GREASY FILM!

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Uniters Pure Care Multi-purpose Kits contain natural, environment-friendly products, free of hazardous air pollutants, all the essential products that help you safely clean and remove accidental stains wood, leather and fabric upholstery.

- Cleaning: timber, fabric and leather
- Polishing: timber
- Protection: leather (protection from general soiling and stains
- Stain removal: timber, fabric and leather

Suitable for: Timber, fabric (all water washable fabrics) & pigmented leather

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Shucare Dubbin Neutral Traditional Leather Waterproofer and Preserver for boots, heavy leather jackets and sporting goods. It is a non-shine waterproofing formula with a blend of waxes that preserves and maintains the suppleness of leather.

Dubbin has a natural water repellent which gives an invisible shield against dirt, grime and water stains. Available in a neutral colour. Made to condition and waterproof all sorts of leather with Shucare Dubbin Neutral!

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How to care for PolyUrethane Leather? Uniters PU Care Kit is specially designed to clean and protect polyurethance and other imitation leather upholstery.

PU Cleaner is a highly effective detergent formulated for cleaning PU upholstery, removes all common dirt, stains and mildew. Not suitable for leather or nubuck.

PU Maintenance Cream is a water-based product specially formulated to protect and revive PU upholstery. It ensures excellent protection against water and oil-based stains and helps your PU resist dirt, weathering and daily use. This product is to be used after treatment with PU Cleaner. Not suitable for leather or nubuck.

Suitable for: Vinyl, PU and other imitation leathers
Do not use on leather, nubuck or suede!

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Are you looking for products to keep your leather furniture clean and protected? Well, Uniters Pure Leather Care Kit contains  phospate-free, biodegradable, ozone friendly, preferred products  you need to keep your furniture clean and stain free.

Cleaning: timber, fabric and leather
Protection: leather (protection from general soiling and stains).