Electrostatic Broom

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29cm stock. Ideal for removing pet hair from all floor surfaces, washing windows and scrubbing tiles.


Swifty Electrostatic Broom

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 It has electrostatic properties attract and remove sand, dirt and pet hair. 
Rubber bristles remove built-up grime, mould and algae from tiles and glass. Blade squeegees surface, leaving it clean and dry. Handle extends to 1.38m.
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Have you ever thought of buying pet hair broom? Here's the ultimate broom to sweep up Pet Hair on every floor type in the home.
This best broom for pet hair works on carpet, to hard flooring and can be even used wet to scrub and wipe away wet messes.
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This pet hair removal brush is made from natural rubber, it is ideal to use on pets, clothing, upholstery, carpets and vehicle interiors.
The shape, orientation of bristles and longer handle make cleaning corners and tough to reach spaces easier. This best dog hair removal brush is durable and easy to clean. The Rubber Bristles dig deep into the surface to build up an electrostatic charge that attracts and catches hair, dust and dirt. The unique shaped head is designed to clean into any shaped corner or tight spaces. The Handle is washable in warm soapy water. 
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Electrostatic broom removes hair, fluff and fibres from carpets, rugs and all hard floor surfaces.
The Decor Speed® Electrostatic Broom  has electrostatic properties attract and remove sand, dirt and pet hair. It features an in-built squeegee helps leave the area clean and dry.
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The Electrostatic Brush removes hair, fluff and fibres from floors, mats, furniture and car interiors.
Get one of this to get rid of that unwanted hair and dust everywhere in your house.