Sensor Soap Dispenser

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Touch-free system: improved hygiene
Long battery life: environmentally considerate

The Tork aluminium foam soap dispenser emits both light and sound signals with foam soap or batteries are low, which simplifies the replenishment and maintenance processes.

The sensor dispenser is easy to use and maintain and dispenses up to 70,000 portions on a single set of batteries.

There is a five second interval between portions, a feature that reduces consumption.

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1 Litre Fill it Yourself Hand Soap Dispenser - Save Money and use Bulk Fill Liquid or Foam

Easy Pod Removal - Runs on 3 x C Size . A good size .4ml shot

Encourage good hygiene standards, with the easy to dispense touch free soap dispenser

Choose in either white or black, this dispenser measures approx 27cm high x 12cm wide x 11cm deep.

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Autosoap Touch-Free Dispenser is the most hygienic and reliable method soap of dispensing soap, sanitiser or cleaner. It delivers the perfect amount for user without any touch.

It fits well with our fully recyclable cartridges which comes with a brand new pump, ensuring consistent product delivery and lower maintenance requirements. The closed cartridge system also eliminates contamination.

Soap and Sanitiser options include: Luxury Foam, Antibacterial Foam, Antibacterial Hand Gel & Surface Sanitiser.

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Auto Soap dispenser for Foam and Liquid Soaps with infrared based sensor technology provides touch free hygiene.  Suitable for private and public sites demanding a maximum level of infection control.

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Modular Touch Free Soap Dispenser prevents contamination, brings better hygiene to any environment and helps monitor the use by controlling the amount of soap. It features a 'sleep mode' and a capacitive sensor that helps prevent accidental soap delivery.

Operated by C size batteries, so there is no electrical fitting required.  It also features an auto-switch function between two battery compartments for longer running times. This simple, neat, practical and easy to operate washroom dispenser can dispense liquid and foam soap. To order, please choose what pump options( liquid or foam), and fill options (refillable or disposable pouch). MUST NOT USE IN SHOWERS AS THEY CANNOT GET WET - THEY ARE ELECTRONIC.
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The KLEENEX® Electronic Cassette Skin Care system is a touchless electronic dispenser in white or brushed metallic, and offers the highest hygiene solution in a high capacity 1200ml format. Automatically dispenses one shot of hand soap or hand sanitiser when a user places their hand beneath the dispenser.

There are 3 luxurious KLEENEX® skin care formulations to meet differing needs - KLEENEX® Luxury foam Fragrance and Dye Free Skin Cleanser, KLEENEX® Luxury Foam Antibacterial Skin Cleanser and KLEENEX® Luxury Foam Moisturising Instant Hand Cleanser.  See related products for Cartridges.

Available in 2 colour variations - brushed metallic and white.

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GOJO TFX Touch-Free Foam Soap Dispenser, trouble-free performance, dove gray with matte finish, fully ADA compliant hand soap dispenser. It has an LED light that shows when battery charge is low and the dispenser will turn off automatically when the battery charge is low as well.

The skylight makes it easy to see when it is time to change the refill, which is 1200 ml in volume. Batteries are included. You don't need to touch as it automatically dispenses the perfect amount of foam soap you need for hand washing in one application. With this, it helps reduce the transfer of germs. It can hold a 1200ml refill cartridge. 30,000 uses from three standard C-size alkaline batteries (included)

OneShot® Foam Dispenser Low Profile-Polished Chrome

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The One Shot Foam Dispenser System sets the standard for quality and reliability in counter-mounted soap dispensing.
Luxurious formulas encourage healthy hand washing, and patented Smart Sensor technology  detects hands, automatically delivering the perfect amount of soap – every time! Touch-free dispenser eliminates cross contamination to help reduce the spread of germs. Reliable, controlled dispensing of concentrated soaps eliminates over use and costly waste. Refill and battery-life indicator lights. Industry-leading battery life (up to 2 years or 90,000 cycles for One Shot foam dispensers). No clogs, drips, or messy cleanup. Closed dispensing system provides world-class reliability. Programmable options for 800mL and 1600mL refills. Preferred environmental choice – recyclable refills, biodegradable soap and Green Seal certified soaps – up to 80 % packaging waste reduction
Avoid the risk of contamination with this battery operated No-touch sensor activated hand sanitising dispenser.

It has dual sensors which provide the most accurate function for simple and effective hand hygiene. Its Japanese designed technology ensures this unit is reliable and effective. Since it's a No-touch Dispenser, this can be installed either wall mounted or placed on a bench top or counter.

Ideal for use in Offices, Cafe's, Reception areas, Banks, Child Care Centres or even at home.