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Boot Cleaners

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DuraClean Boot Cleaner, 3 sided brush for optimum cleaning. Industrial strength steel. Heavy duty bristles effectively loosen and remove dirt and mud.

White Magic Super Sturdy Track Cleaning Brush 21cm

White Magic
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White Magic's Track Cleaning Brush is perfect for all widths of tracks of sliding doors and sliding windows.It amazingly cleans well without leaving any scratches.

The ergonomically designed handle keeps hands away from tracks and avoids injury to knuckles. Reaches deep into all sizes of tracks.

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This portable shoe and boot cleaner board is German made with a combination of soft and hard bristles. These bristles allow
dirt, soil, grass clippings, mud and slush to fall through for easy clean-up, and it comes with non-slip rubber footings.

This shoe and boot brush is a great little helper for home, office, farms, caravans and even the car in preventing sand, soil, dirt, mud or grass glippings from being tracked.

Get out of trouble from a lot of sweeping up sand, debris, and dirt off your floors with this Shoe and Boot Cleaner!