Floorsanding Screens, Driver, Pad


Glomesh Sandscreen Driver Floor Pads for Wood Floor

Sandscreen Driver: All new white sandscreen driver - sandscreens stick to it like glue. It eliminates screen sling, extends sandscreen life. Far more effective than a floor pad - and more economical.

Glomesh Sandscreen Pads 400mm

Glomesh Sandscreen Pads: Especially made for wood floor preparation prior to polishing. Silicon carbide coated screen discs, each fibre fully coated. Available in Grit 60.


Denib Pads Wine for Sandivac

Denib Pads, a wine thinline pad, 8mm thick, denibs wood floors between coats. Results in far better gloss.


Edco Sand Screen 400mm

Edco Sand Screen is used to sand timber floor finishes between coats to get that smooth deep gloss finish your floor deserves.