Standard Dustpan & Brush

White Magic Eco Basics Dustpan and Brush Set

White Magic
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White Magic Eco Basics Dustpan and Brush Set is perfect for quick clean ups in the kitchen, bathroom and around the house. The rubber lip on the dustpan helps to catch fine dirt and debris.

This stylish and functional set includes one dustpan and one bamboo handled brush with soft recycled nylon bristles and a hemp loop. Brush snaps into the dustpan handle for easy storage.

White Magic Eco Basics Mini Dustpan

White Magic
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Make quick cleanups on a bench a breeze with Eco Basics Mini Dustpan & Brush Set! Made from bamboo, recycled plastic and soft recycled nylon bristles. With its small and compact design, it is easy to store and is within easy reach when mess occurs.

The long soft bristles sweep up fine particles from kitchen benches, table tops and even office tables.

- Excellent for kitchens, bathrooms or office clean up.
- Compact sweeping option for table tops.
- Small and easy to store.

Plastic Dustpan

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It has durable high grade plastic. Its side ridges are designed to effectively clean bristles.


Compact Dustpan Set

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Compact Dustpan Set ideal for caravans, camping and home.


Soft Grip Superior Dustpan Set

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Soft Grip Superior Dustpan Set. Over moulded ergonomic grip. It has electrostatic properties in rubber edge for easier rubbish collection. It is suitable for indoor & outdoor use.

Side ridges effectively clean the brush and remove hair.

Dimensions: W245 x D370 x H65mm

Coco Bannister Brush

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Brush ideal for sweeping hot coals. Bristle can withstand extremely hot conditions.

SABCO Standard Dustpan Set

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Sabco Strong and sturdy dustpan set. Soft rubber lip to prevent slippage and easier rubbish collection.

Dustpan and Bannister Set

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Commercial grade quality and size plastic dustpan & brush set, offered in a choice of five colours, all nylon fill brush.

Electrostatic Plus Dustpan and Brush Set

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Electrostatic Plus Dustpan and Brush Set. It has electrostatic properties attract & remove sand, dirt and pet hair from carpet and upholstery.

Rubber bristles and squeegee remove built-up grime, mould and algae from tiles, windows and wheel trims. Ideal for scrubbing tiles and cleaning windows. Ideal for pet hair removal.


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Sabco Lifestyle Dustpan and Brush Set is great for easy sweep and clean up around the office or home.

- Premium fill for easy sweeping.
- Soft rubber lip to prevent slippage and easier rubbish collection.
- flagged bristle ends for better dust collection.
- zigzag edge on dustpan for cleaning brush
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Sabco Cleanline Dustpan and Brush Set incorporates an innovative rubber blade when combined with regular bristles gives an even better clean! Suitable for wet and dry applications.

It h as soft grip for comfortable use. Soft rubber lip to prevent slippage and easier rubbish collection. This brush and dustpan set is ideal for picking up pet hair.

Metal Dust Pan

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Ultimate Dustpan Set

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Ultimate Dustpan Set features a larger pan and thick fill bannister brush. Dense flagged bristles effectively trap dirt. Ideal for caravans, camping and home.


Fire & Household Shovel

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Fire & Household Shovel. It has rubber grip and metal pan. Its concaved sides hold material in the pan.

Dimensions: W165 x D420 x H45mm

Metal Dustpan

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Hard wearing metal dustpan. It has a plastic handle. Durable design great for fire and BBQ areas.

Dimensions: W240 x D330 x H97mm


Professional Dust & Brush Pan

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Solid large brush & dustpan for heavy duty use particularly in workshops and large areas. 

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Sabco Long handled dustpan & brush set is a similar style to the lobby pan set for effective ergonomic cleaning. This is an Aussie's favorite dustpan set as it is easy and does not need you to bend.

It features flagged ends to collect even the finest dirt & dust particles for a thorough sweep. Soft bristles for a greater control.

OATES Space Saver Dustpan Set

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Freestanding design saves cupboard space. Brush features in-built rubber blade and flagged bristles for optimal cleaning. 
Larger size pan with side ridges to effectively clean the brush and remove hair. Electrostatic properties in rubber edges attract and trap more dust and fine particles.

Dimensions: W229 x D368 x H70mm

OATES Ultimate Dustpan

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Large pan for easy dust & rubbish collection. For use with Oates® Ultimate Bannister Brush (OABM-401). Dimensions: W240 x D300 x H102mm.

Tradesman XL Dustpan Set

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It has durable bristles that trap and collect dirt. Sturdy, extra large dustpan holds more debris. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use on multiple surfaces.
Bright colour for high visibility. Dimensions: W340 x D394 x H118mm

Plastic Dustpan Set

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Nab plastic dustpan set for general purpose use. It has soft rubber lip for better dirt collection.

Keep your house clean with this handy, easy to use dust pan set. It comes in assorted colours - blue, green, red, and yellow.

Metal Dustpan with Metal Handle

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A powder coated metal dustpan with durable steel design and ergonomic handle.

Vileda Long Handled Dustpan & Brush Eco Fibres

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It collects dirt in one sweep and there's no need to bend down. It can be used with most brooms. 50% bigger mouth and foldable which makes it easy to store.

Oates Extra Large Dustpan Set

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It has durable bristles for thorough sweep. It has side ridges that can effectively clean the brush and remove hair. 

Dimensions: W340 x D394 x H118mm
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Premium dust pan set with convenient plastic scraping edge. It has curved base to better hold debris.
No corners in the pan which makes emptying it out a breeze. Economic soft grip handle. Available in blue and green.