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Sabco Utility Pads come in 5 different colours for various strength and applications. These utility pads can be used handheld or with bug holder.

White - non-abrasive pad, for polishing high gloss finished surfaces
Red  - Light Duty Scrubbing Pad, ideal for removing gentle grime
Blue - medium duty scrubbing pad, ideal for using on a daily basis
Green - Heavy Duty Scrubbing Pad, Ideal for removing tough grime
Black - Heavy Duty Scrubbing Pad, ideal for removing heavy wax build up

Eager Beaver Floor Tool Kit- With 3 pads

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Floor tool with 3 pads to suit multiple scrubbing jobs.  White scourer pad: See OAFP-635. Red scourer pad: See OAFP-634. Black scourer pad: See OAFP-638.

If you want one with handle, select the next product and choose option 2.

 Note: depending on stock levels, you may be sent the Glitterpad brand or the Oates brand with 3 pads

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Oates Eager Beaver Floor Tool fits both 22mm and 25mm handles.

Available fitted with an aluminium handle and colour coded cap in blue, green, red, white and yellow. This floor tool is great for multiple scrubbing jobs.

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Oates Eager Beaver Hand Tool has a sturdy construction and comfortable holder. It takes pad sizes 250 x 110mm.

This hand tool is ideal for heavy duty scrubbing and removing tough grime. It has swivel head to easily get into corners.

Utility Pads 250 x 110mm

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Utility pads for use with hand held or pole fitting holders. Various colours for degrees of abrasiveness.

Lighter the colour, the less abrasive, the darker, the more aggressive. Black removes wax build up. Green is used for regular scrubbing. Brown removes heavy wax build up. Blue is for heavy spray cleaning. Red is used for light spray cleaning. White is non-abrasive for high gloss finish.
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Super thick microfibre power mop for great absorption. Use wet or dry fits standard pad holders either hand or ones that fit on pole.

Fully washable Colour coded tags for your preferences. It is also great to use on the butterfly mop we sell for walls and roof cleaning.

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Butterfly Mop with Microfibre Pad is a very useful tool which can be used for floors, however it is also great for walls too. The microfibre pad is foam based with a 5mm layer of microfibre.

This pad simply attaches to the mop with a Velcro style of attachment.
This tool is one of our favorites. You can also attach a scouring utility/doodle pad for scoring walls , floors, bathrooms, etc.

The handle is retractable, so it can work well in tight spaces. The head of the mop also tilts which makes cleaning of walls even easier.

You can use a white non scratching scourer to clean painted walls, then attach a EDCO power mop flat microfiber fringe to dry off the surfaces.  A MUST HAVE TOOL FOR CLEANING !

Power Scourer Pad Holder For Floor and Walls

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Allows power pads to be used on wooded pole 25mm Diametre or onto various extension poles. Full swivel allowing for ergonomic use when scrubbing walls, floors or other flat surface applications.

Scourer Pad Holder For Hand Use

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Hand held frame for the power pad range. Dimensions: W238x D95mm
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Oates Eager Beaver Utility Pads are designed for use with hand held or pole fitting holders. It has various colours for degrees of abrasiveness.
Lighter the colour, the less abrasive, the darker, the more aggressive.

Black is ideal for super heavy duty scrubbing and removing heavy wax build up.
Green is used for heavy duty scrubbing and removing tough built-up grime.
Brown for light duty scrubbing. Removes light wax build up.
Blue is for medium duty scrubbing.
Red is ideal for light duty scrubbing.
White is non-abrasive for high gloss finish.
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Oates Eager Beaver Microfibre Pad is suitable for use on smooth tiled surfaces and polished timber floors.
Colour coded tags can be cut depending on area of use to help avoid cross contamination between work areas.
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Oates Premium Light Duty Corner Scrub is great for use on bathroom tiles, basins, showers and ceramic surfaces, wood trimmings, fiberglass and plastic swimming pools.

It can easily fit into corners and has a built-in scraper.

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It can fit easily into corners. It is great for general scrubbing on laminate floors, ceramic tiles, wax build up, scuff marks, diving boards, algae around swimming pools, boats and caravans. It has a built-in scraper

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Ideal for scrubbing BBQ®s, grills, grease, oil stains, concrete corrosion, garden and workshop tools, camping & sporting equipment and surface preparation prior to painting.
It has a built-in scraper. It has a triangular shape on one side so it can fit easily into corners.
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It can easily fit into corners. Non-scratch scour safe to use on most delicate surfaces* (*Test scour on an inconspicuous area first to ensure it does not scratch the surface). Built-in scraper.It is ideal for scrubbing bathroom and laundry areas and ceramic surfaces.

Vikan 4m 12ft Extension Pole

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4m / 12' extension pole. 3 sections. It can be used with Vikan Aluminium Padholder and Vikan Plastic Padholder. Closes to 1.5 metres.

Vikan Aluminium Pad Holder 28cm

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Superior mopframe, alu/black, 28cm easysnap, exchangeable velcro + end pieces. Clips on to Vikan 4m / 12' extension pole

Vikan Plastic Pad Holder 23cm

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Vikan 23cm Ergoclean Velcro Mop Frame with ergonomic handle for cleaning floors, walls and ceilings. Clips on to Vikan 4m (12') extension pole.
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Fine bronze wool Pad is a flexible abrasive for polishing. Bronze wool resists shredding, rust, and corrosion, unlike steel wool.

Use hand-held or attach to your pad holder.

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Ideal for glass, marble, metal and ceramic. Grade 0000

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3M™ Twist-Lok™ Pad Holder is specially designed for use with every Scotch-Brite™ hand pad which makes cleanup jobs faster, easier and safer. It attaches to hand pads to provide extra cleaning power and protect hands from heat and chemicals.

It distributes pressure evenly over pad surface for efficient cleaning action and improved pad life. Great for interim cleaning of griddles at operating temperature.


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Mr Long Arm Woodmates Stain Applicator, is an innovative, award winning, deck staining product which provides everything you need from cleaning to staining.  It features a pivot head that makes staining a breeze and allows the beveled pad to be used as a gap tool.

Flextech® foam pad is hygroscopic, highly tear resistant, easily replaceable and releases more stain to cover more board feet in less time. Edging guides provide clean, crisp edges and keep stain off siding. The hook and loop system lets you zip pads off for easy cleaning and easily press them back in place. Use with an extension pole to make staining decks faster and easier. For use with water or oil-based deck sealer or stain. Attaches to Mr. LongArm telescopic extension pole for ease of use.